Friday, January 6

Beyond Description

I know my description of the fabric was not so good.  I'm not sure how you would explain this and my memory at work wasn't so good.
It is darker than the pictures look, but I was right in thinking it just grey enough not to actually be black.  There is a thread top right corner I didn't notice when taking the picture, it's not part of the fabric.  It is actually a little more sheer than I expected, you can see the chair through the fabric.  Morning light from the patio door is likely making that more noticable than it would be in a bedroom.  And a close up so you can see the ah... fringes?  And the metallic threads I forgot about.
I included the back in the picture, it shows that these are really squares.  The threads don't go in any particular direction that I can see.  They kind of look like they are more aimed to the selvage here, but I think that's from being folded, some of them are going the other way.

A quick peek this morning found a couple of other options.
You can see the pencil underneath the fabric to give a sense of how sheer it is.  I don't think this would work well for Lekala for her, you'd probably see more than she would like.  It also has a crinkle to it that would end up diagonal, that could work out really well or really poorly.  The pattern itself is random

So a non-sheer options is this.

I don't know what kind of crack I was smoking when I bought this and the same fabric in rose, but it's stretch crushed velvet.  Suckered into a buy 1 get 2 free I imagine.  I know I have a dice bag made from similar stuff, but I don't need 3m to make a dice bag and I don't need two dice bags.  It feels nice and it washes better than I would have expected.  It's stretch so I could probably swing Lekala not on the bias and keep the nap.  I'd be pretty happy to get rid of some of this from my stash.

Also, I did find black stretch lace that is just shy of 6" wide.

Time to hit the road... 


  1. I think the stretch crushed velvet would be great -- it's a nice texture, hides a multitude of flaws (sewing and fitting), and is comfortable to wear. The stretch would avoid the cutting on the bias could even do two of them, one in purple and one in rose.

    I still can't figure out that eyelash fabric. It looks like fur from a distance, but weirdly textural close up. It's not something I'd make a chemise out of -- maybe a very loosely structured blouse? Princess seams on that kind of "hairy" fabric would be too visible, I think.

  2. I'm sure there was a good reason for it being on clearance. Eyelash is a good word for it.


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