Thursday, January 12

Rockin' the Skirt

The grey skirt is finished and Mr. Lina said the hem looks okay.  Here's hoping he's right.  I really should get around to making/buying a dress form at some point.  I imagine that would make hemming a little easier.  Here's a whack of pictures of it.  Love the skirt, not so keen on the pictures of myself.  I wasn't planning on going farther than the mechanics to get my car, so my hair is just pulled back, no make up, etc.  Shows how much I trust you guys.

I was wearing the red sweater all day, so I started off taking pictures with it (far right).  The problem is that it's kind of big and warm and not so good for showing off the skirt.  So I switched to a close fitting tee. 

StephC mentioned on her blog that she's more comfortable with her shirts untucked.  I'm the same way.  The tucked in look is growing on me, but I feel like there isn't enough space between my bust and the skirt with the shirt tucked in.  Untucked, well, it's maybe more casual because I'm wearing a tshirt in most of these, but it's not a formal skirt.  I took a lot of pictures, both tucked in and out, sorted it down to the 9 or so I liked, then down to 6 in a collage.  I looked at it when I was done and realized there was one tucked in and I only kept it because the pose was different.  I decided more pictures were in order, I even found some hot pink tights to match the top.

I see a few wrinkles near the waist at the back.  I actually think I have a pretty good fit back there.  The waist is loose, I could have made it a shade smaller.  I was so worried about making it too small or a tight waistband that would leave muffin tops.  The band itself is cut on the non-stretch direction of the fabric.  I didn't want something that fit in the morning and was too big at the end of the day, my denim skirt does a little of that.  It pouches out and then it doesn't fall quite the same.  We will have to see what it's like after a full day of wear rather than an hour or so for showing off.

Now to go sew up that Lekala slip.  We'll see how far I get before bedtime.


  1. Ooh, I like that! It looks very flattering, and your zip went in well. I've had problems lately with putting my zips in a little too high, so a bit too low actually sounds like an improvement to me. I see the wrinkles, but they just look like "wearing wrinkles" to me and you shouldn't over fit to remove them.

    I find that I pretty much always need to put belt loops on my casual skirts due to the tendency of the fabric to "grow" during the day. Perhaps belt loops with this skirt? I do wear my tops untucked a lot too, although it depends on the outfit. And yeah, I wear them untucked over the belt so I look sloppy. It's comfortable though!

    1. Thanks! I ended up putting a little square of fabric behind the zipper at the top so the little gap still has grey fabric behind it.

      I think they are wearing wrinkles for the most part. I'm wearing it to work today so we'll see how it goes.

      I'll think about belt loops. I'm not much of a belter myself, although I suppose I am more now than I was 5 years ago.

  2. "I feel like there isn't enough space between my bust and the skirt with the shirt tucked in."

    This is my reservation with tucked in shirts and skirts worn at the natural waist. Are you short waisted, like me? I've decided that my feelings about this are probably amplified by the fact that I'm just not used to wearing things this way, so I'm committing to giving it a go and seeing if I get used to it or not. (FWIW, it doesn't look that way to me, on you! I think it looks great.)

    Well done!

    1. Thanks! I'm not sure of the technical definition of short waisted, but at 5' and a half inch, there isn't a lot of space between any of my limbs. Add more than ample bust line and I don't like chopping off my body so high. But as you say, some of it is just getting used to that look.


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