Sunday, January 8

Sewing & Dancing

Today is recovery day from yesterday.  Three part day - first birthday party, dinner & club-prep with friends and then off to a bar to celebrate a 40th birthday.  

First, one year old's birthday party for R's niece.  Last week when we took R home and stayed for dinner, it became clear that R's parents thought this party was being hosted by their daughter, and their daughter had told everyone it was at her parents house as her apartment was too small for all the people she invited.  I generally don't go to first birthday parties, but after hearing about the other grandmother of the birthday girl, well, I couldn't resist the opportunity to see months of stories in action.  Good time was had by all, the MIL in question was entertaining as expected.  And there were babies to admire from a distance.  I gave her one of the stuffed animals I made (Larry the cat) and it was well received.

The 40th birthday party was for one of the producers on the movie Mr. Lina made this summer.  End of the evening found us at Abstract.  I like this place because people wear a serious range of clothing and a wide age range.  Even at 40, the birthday boy was not the oldest person there.  Clothing ranged from men wearing sweaters with a metal small zipper at the neck (sort of Bob Newhart to me) to a full skirted dress complete with crinoline (LOVED!), and straight up goth bustier dress thingy, safety pins, tattoos, piercings, whatever goes.  I wish I knew how cool this place was when I lived in the area for university.

So my friend and I are watching the crowd before hitting the dance floor ourselves.  First thought was, wow, I could totally see Lazy Subcultural Girl here.  She could totally rock that outfit.  Then someone walked on the dance floor with dark short hair, petite frame, great cheek bones, skirt entirely of crinoline netting.  First thought, wow, that looks like Tanit-Isis.  Freaky.

A couple of hours pass where I dance, Mr. Lina and the boys get the birthday boy (and themselves) rather drunk.  Mr. Lina comes out to dance, somehow he manages to cha cha with me (and no one bat an eye, I love this club).  All is good.

Last call and we're back to just watching the dance floor as the boys are finishing up their last drinks.  I look over to see a blond woman with dark chunks of hair and an asymmetrical hair cut.  Who do I think of?  K-Line (more like the profile picture of her face than the full body shot).

Seriously, who thinks of sewing bloggers at an alternative dance club?  

On the lingerie front, I have it cut out.  I think I'm awake enough to tackle it now.  Yes, I know it's 4 pm.  But I went to bed at 4 am.  It's all relative.


  1. Aww, you thought of me! That's so sweet. I LOVE quirky places and would enjoy being able to hang out at Abstract myself! I'm not the best dancer, but if the music is good I'll get out on the floor anyhow.

    My weekend was quiet. I prepared some patterns but didn't do any sewing. We did watch The Tempest with Helen Mirren -- quite good, if you like Shakespeare and Russell Brand is in it, which is weird. The actor who plays Ariel looks exactly like my ex....which I did NOT point out to Hubs, since he knows this ex, ha. It felt kind of awkward watching him since the character is practically naked for much of the movie! Good movie anyhow.

  2. Seriously, it doesn't matter how you dance, there is someone out there doing something stranger and likely by themselves. It's like the land of "I don't care what you think".

    lol... nearly-naked nearly-ex in a movie, yeah, probably not the thing to point out to current husband. I'd keep my mouth shut too.

    I actually sewed a lot after posting this on Sunday. I went to sew and found that the thread that matched was down the the end of the spool. Pout. Better to buy new thread than do one seam. So I worked on a skirt instead.


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