Wednesday, January 4

Brain is on Vacation

Although I have physically returned to work, it seems my brain has not.  I left my purse at home.  I left the power cord for the new laptop at home (at least this one has a decent battery).  I forgot to take my medication with breakfast.  I'm quite impressed I remembered to bring my lunch.  So a quick trip home kept my laptop going this afternoon.  At least it's only 20-25 min drive during the daytime from this office.

I did not make the progress I hoped to on my sewing room, but it was a productive day.  I did some dusting, multiple loads of laundry, moved some of the boxes out of my sewing room back to their home in the guest room.  So the room isn't in good shape, but I can at least get in there.  Mr. Lina was given a paper shredder for Christmas.  I've already shredded a lot of 2006 bills, but I know there are older ones hiding in a file folder that could hold more recent documents if the crap was gone.  Pretty sure I don't need pay stubs and bank statements from the 90's and I know there are some in there.  That's kinda fun work actually.  I'm sure I'll get tired of the paper shredder, but not yet.  Hopefully with the old papers shredded I can put the new ones in a proper home.
I am not a resolution maker but I can see value in having a few goals, thoughts, and hopes for 2012.
  • The obvious, to be a mom, we'll see where that saga goes.  This is firmly in the hope section.
  • Buy less fabric, or at least shop strategically.
  • Use more of my stash, it's getting out of control and there are lots of lovely fabrics that would make lovely clothing.  Documenting my stash might be a good idea, get the mojo going for what I have.
  • Generally sew more.  I need to block off time for it and not let myself get too tired to bother when I do have time.
  • I love writing, this blog feels good to me.  4 months in and I'm not bored nor overwhelmed, it doesn't feel like a chore, so that's a good sign.  Thank you all for reading and commenting.  I'm not driven by having a big audience, but I like that people drop by every day and it pleases me to no end when I get comments.  I will continue to post as often as I have something to say.  As a child, I was occasionally knicknamed after the first talking doll, Chatty Cathy.  It is safe to say that I generally have something to say.
  • Musically, we have house concerts scheduled for February, March, April and May.  We're good on that front, I'd like attendance to increase so ongoing promotion on my part.
  • Find a way for work to be more fulfilling.  Maybe it's a change in my position, or changing employers, or whatever, but the ongoing sadness I experienced this fall could be eased if I felt happier about where I was driving every morning.
  • Weight management.  Yes, I'd like to lose 5 or 6 lbs from where I am today, but more than that, I don't want 3 lbs more to be added to that 5 lbs.  Today, I am pleased that I didn't add anything over the holidays.  Of anything, I'm down 0.6 lbs from Dec 21st.  I'd like to keep that slow downward trend going back to what I think of my comfortable weight.  Snow should fall and stay soon, hopefully we can get out snow shoeing through Jan/Feb and some of that 5 lbs will leave.
  • Physical health.  I have to say, outside of all the infertilty crap and allergies, I have experienced a lot of great health the past two years.  I'm due for a physical, but when I had my last physical in Nov 2010, my family doctor commented that I hadn't seen him since my previous physical.  Outside of my miscarriage, the same could be said for 2011.  This is a trend I would like to see continue for obvious reasons. 
  • Mental health.  With infertility, this is always an ongoing project.  Even if this is the year of the baby, I bet mental health will be again just with a different spin.  How can 6 years of dreaming and imagination live up to reality?  To make this a more specific goal, I need to get help when I need it.  I waited too long this fall to call up our therapist and I wasn't always upfront with Mr. Lina on how I was feeling which didn't help me or him. 
Did any of you stop by Hugry Zombie Couture today?  I commented that I feel both better and worse about my stash.  She has a MUCH larger stash of fabric than I do.  It's beautiful, but it makes me feel a little better that as much fabric as I have, it's not that much.  Down side is that hers is organized so well, it's okay to have that much, it's just a wall of inspiration.  Mine are in boxes loosely connected as mostly knits, mostly bottom weight, mostly woven, mostly craziness (i.e. fun fur, stretch velveteen, buy 1m get 3 free craziness), etc.  I actually need more boxes as there is overflow under the desk, but I'm not sure where the boxes will go as the shelves are full of various stuff (hence the need for more pitching and decluttering).


  1. I went over to Hungry Zombie to take a look and HOLY CARP. I thought I had a substantial stash, but hers beats mine in size, organization and colorfulness. I can only hope to wind up as organized someday. On the plus side, I have enough right now that I can sew from my stash for MONTHS if need be. Maybe even years.

    I am also on the diet and exercise wagon, although not because of weight but because it really helps me manage my chronic health issues. The better I take care of myself, the healthier I am. I have to pay attention to mental health because it affects my physical health so badly. The last time I had a serious pain episode was when I was preparing to visit my mom, and that tells me a lot about what's going on with my mind/body connection.

    The entire family except me has been passing around the stomach flu. [Note that when someone gets sick, it's a good idea to wipe down the video game controllers with antibacterial wipes.] I'm hoping that this year will improve, as it has not gotten off to a great start for us.

  2. "The better I take care of myself, the healthier I am" - how very, very true.

    I have to say, I would not have thought about the game controllers. I'm sure gaming is one of the go to downtime activities. Mr. Lina and I generally use different computers, I only occasionally use our home computer, but that's probably another easily skipped area. Good luck staying healthy, it's so much harder with kids.


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