Friday, January 20

Punch Drunk Humour

A very quick post so I can let my giggles out and get back to focusing on work.

My client Mad Men has an office in Quebec so we have team members there.  Somewhere in their emails there is always French, even if it's just their title being listed in both French and English.  My spell checker is rather confused by this.  It just took the word d'infos (Demande d'infos = Request for info was the subject line in this particular email) and suggested...


I also find it funny that the spell checker here made the same suggestion.  It will let you spell it dingos or dingoes. 

Dingoes looks better to me for some reason. 

That makes me laugh.  The word dingoes is just funny to me and it's so unlike the serious work mode of looking for information, it's even funnier.

It's not funny, is it?  Am I just so overtired that it made me giggle?

Dingoes don't come up in my particular line of work.

Now I want to misspell words just to see what the suggestions are.

I think the most I'm going to accomplish tonight is opening some wine and reading a fluffy book I've read multiple times.  Cotton candy for the brain is perfect when you don't have a brain left.  Then I can tackle something with substance tomorrow. 


  1. Someone sent you a request for dingoes? Tell them you're in the wrong hemisphere!

  2. No, someone send a "demande d'info" that spell checker thought was dingoes. Definitely the wrong hemisphere. Even well rested, I find it amusing, but not as funny as it was on Friday.


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