Friday, August 31

Triple TGIF

Why a Triple TGIF?

One is for it being an early close day.
Two is for it being a long weekend.
Three is for my birthday on Sunday.

I'm tired, it's time for a list...
  • Ragweed season has firmly hit me.
  • My sinuses are somewhat under control but I would like my ears to stop being itchy.
  • Oh and that palate itchiness?  Yeah, that can go away too.
  • A card must be going around my office.  I'm at my client site and I'm getting birthday emails from people I'm not friends with outside of work, how do they know?
  • I like birthdays.
  • Well, maybe not the number associated with it specifically, but that's more of a biological clock thing than a "oh no I'm getting older" thing.
  • Really, would I want to not experience any of the years I have?  Then why would I wish them away by lying?
  • I brought new meaning to labour day weekend for my mom in 1975.
  • Isn't it lovely that many of you have a long weekend to celebrate with me?
  • I have done good work this week.
  • You may have noticed a reduction in commenting on blogs, I blame work.
  • And house cleaning.
  • I only really clean for company, a lack of house concerts and visitors has lead to a whole lot of clutter over the summer.
  • A Manitoban friend will be visiting over the weekend (although staying with someone else).
  • I hope I like his new girlfriend.
  • Some people have very bad radar when it comes to picking a partner.
  • This makes me suspicious and protective if I feel the slightest red flag go off.
  • We're going to wineries tomorrow, lunch in Jordan by Cave Springs, probably hit Angel's Gate, maybe Fielding, Flat Rock, perhaps Megalomaniac, Organized Crime...
  • Much as I love Chateau des Charmes, Palatine (which we often refer to as Palpatine from Star Wars) and Sunnybrook, I'm kind of suspecting that our money will be spent before we get to Niagara on the Lake.
  • And we're all coming back to my house after.
  • 2 drivers and roughly 6 very happy adults.
  • I think I better stock up on some wine absorbing snacks.
  • Is it sad that my plan for an early close day is grocery shopping?
  • Whatever, it's not work.
  • My body has a sense of humour.
  • So one day of spotting (July 27) since the last FET cycle ended in early June.
  • Yesterday, my uterus decided it was time to rejoin the land of women.
  • Because I just love cramps as a birthday present.
  • The happiness I feel for Day 1 ends the minute the cramps start.
  • I think they are making up for lost time.
  • I should buy some Advil stock.
  • I wonder if the Advil folks make Arius, my favourite antihistamine.
  • That would double the reason to invest.
  • Samantha Martin did a house concert with us last June and is entered in a television contest on CMT "Big in a Small Town"
  • She's got a crazy powerful voice (see below), a lovely, bubbly personality, and if you agree with me, you can vote for her on the link above.
Okay, time to do some work so I CAN leave early.  Take it Sam...


  1. Hi. Not much commenting from me lately either. No excuse just don't feel like it.

    Anyhoo, with regard to your allergies, have you ever tried the Sinus Rinse thingy from Neilmed. It works like a hot damn for me in the spring when something creates something that gives me monster headaches. I use it twice a day and presto, no headache. They sell them at Superstore and Shoppers Drug Mart and many other places. A drug free way to help. Better than a neti pot as the water gets pushed further into the sinuses.


    1. I have the nielmed pot, but not the sinus rinse. I do agree, it makes a huge difference. Many years by October I've got a sinus infection or it's moved to my chest as bronchitis. The saline kept all of that from happening last fall. I'll be using it again for sure. Right now it's still moving well but it's early in the season. But I'll look into the rinse when I'm at RCSS this afternoon.

  2. I like Ayr--it's a bottle that you squeeze to clean out your sinuses. I <3 hubby says it must be an addiction. :rolleyes: :-P

    I hope you have a great birthday! Also, as a little TMI side note, I've noticed that my cramps got world's better once I started using a cup (I like the Meluna Soft, but I'd say any brand *except* Diva would probably be great) and cloth pads, instead of tampons/disposable pads. Sorry for the TMI, but it might help.

    1. I'm not sure TMI is really an issue here. Since my first miscarriage when I was told I couldn't use tampons, I made a bunch of pads an rely on them more than tampons. I've thought about trying cups from time to time but never quite got around to it.

      And thanks for the birthday wishes!

  3. When it rains it pours. I'm expecting my period too - just to join the cold and tummy bug and canker sores. Oy.

    But on to happier things - how wonderful you get to celebrate a birthday this weekend! This is a gorgeous time of the year to be born. Celebrate big, you deserve it!

    1. Won't that make a great combination. I hope the cold, and tummy and cankers clear up soon.

      Thank you!

  4. Happy birthday---Mine's next week, early enough to sometimes fall on the long weekend, but not this year. :) And good luck withthe sinuses and the cramps. :(

  5. There are quite a few Virgo bloggers if I remember right from last year. I hope you get to do something other than unpack for your birthday.


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