Tuesday, August 14

Movie Mania

Friday night I was still at loose ends, deciding what to do for the weekend while Mr. Lina was away filming.  9pm he called, they needed microphone cables that were in the basement, could I bring them?  Now the shoot was in Brantford, about a 60-90 minute drive.  Possibly two hours because the QEW/Hamilton is a bit of a Bermuda Triangle of traffic and construction.  By the time I found the cord, made tea to go and drove out there, it was going to be close to 11 when I got there.  I said I wasn't dropping it off and leaving, I'd stay the night and get out of the way in the morning. 

Morning came and then they needed someone to go for coffee.  And perhaps a few groceries while they were getting coffee.  I was the only person without a role in the film, so guess who got groceries?  And then put out the groceries so there were snacks etc?  And then bbq'd sausages for dinner?  Guess who left at 11pm? 

It was very cool to be part of it, I just would have planned a little differently.  I did take a book but because I thought I'd be leaving after the coffee run, I put my overnight bag in the car.  You can't move in the house when they are filming a scene.  There is time while they set up the lights to make noise and then you can't even walk.  Going to the bathroom requires timing.  This would have been a good time to bring my crochet because I could have felt productive while being very quiet.

So it turns out that I wasn't experiencing deja vu, I really did make a thong for Tasha & Friends two years ago when they first were going to film it.  It was kind of funny to see something I did so long ago and didn't remember.  It is crazy small, white lace with just elastic at the waist and connecting the two triangles.  I know all these thongs are going to sound like it's a naughty movie, really it isn't.  Part of the movie is the dryer breaks down and a repair man is called (I'm not helping here, am I?).  There is clothing around the laundry room but not worn by the actor.  I was there for the scenes with the white pair, the repair man steals them on his way out.  White is great because it really popped against his dark blue coveralls and being small it was easy to stuff quickly into a pocket or flick it around.  It amused me to see something I made being used and the source of many jokes.  Sadly I don't have a picture, Mr. Lina was using our good camera to film the movie.  People were taking pictures so I'm sure they will show up on Facebook etc at some point.  Hopefully I can include one of my work in action.

The Post Lifers has been accepted into more film festivals in the past few days.  Looks like I will get a decent trip to Montreal this year after all, it's showing in November at a horror festival.  They are in the juried category for Montreal so they will be up for prizes which is another reason to attend in person.  Brantford has also accepted TPL, I had no idea they had a film festival, it's not that big of a town.  A lot of my Dad's family live there, I may have to see if I can drum up a little family interest to attend.  I mentioned that they got into the New Orleans Film Festival, we're definitely putting that as a priority to go to now.  It seems they are trying to arrange a local zombie krewe to go in costume.  How cool would that be? 

So those of you who have been fabric shopping in Montreal, where should I go?  I've been to the city a few times but never with fabric in mind.  I don't know where the film fest is in the city yet, but it would be good to know as we plan the road trip.


  1. There was a PR weekend in Montreal and I believe they listed the stores they visited.

    A lot of the fabric stores are on the same street, so if you go to Canada 411 and look up fabric stores you should find them. Then if you want to be crazy go to Google street view and look at them all. It is what I did a couple of years ago when I thought I would be able to get there. It didn't happen, but the planning was fun.

    1. I remember reading blog entries after PR Montreal. I should see if I could track some of those posts down. Very cool idea about Canada 411. Sad that it wasn't my first thought.
      I also flipped the dates between two festivals in my head, Brantford is in November, Montreal is in September so it's sooner than I thought!


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