Tuesday, August 21

Eight Years

Today is another significant date in the Lina household.  August 21, 2004, Mr. Lina and I got married.  Tonight, we're going to catch more music.  Dave McEathron and Bryan Butler are playing tonight at the Dakota in Toronto.  We hosted them for New Years Eve, it will be good to see them again.  Ann Vriend is opening for them and we saw her at OCFF, it will be good to hear her again.  With Samantha Martin (we hosted June/11), Dave Borins and Jadea Kelly also planning to attend if the Facebook invitation is correct, there could be a few people up on stage.

When Mr. Lina proposed to me, he did it with an invitation.  The front said "Mr. Lina & Guest".  I was rather miffed by still being "& Guest" this far into our very stable relationship.  I passed the unopened envelope to him say it is was his coworker throwing this party, he should open it first.  Poor Mr. Lina, I had no idea.  So he opened it, read it, passed it back saying I should read it carefully.

So I read it.

Including the song lyrics greyed out behind the "You are invited to the 45th anniversary...".

I read ALL the lyrics.

It's a song with a fair number of words.

Still thinking about "& Guest". 

Then I opened it up to see that it was an invitation to our 45th anniversary, date and time to be determined.

On the inside, he wrote out all the things he wanted to say. 

About building a life with me.

Having children with me.

The struggles we'd already been through.

The struggles we knew were coming with wanting those children.

And he ended with a question, would he still see my smiling face 45 years from now?

8 down, 37 to go.  It's going to be one hell of a party when we get there.


  1. Oh, what a lovely proposal! VERY ROMANTIC.

    1. Isn't it? He's got a bit of a romantic heart.

  2. that is the sweetest proposal ever, you are both very lucky to have found each other. Happy anniversary!♥

  3. Such a cute proposal! :-) Congratulations on 8 years! :-)

    1. He scored pretty big points with that proposal. Thanks!

  4. I love true love stories!
    Very sweet. Happy Anniversary!

  5. Aww!!! Obiously I'm way behind on reading but I had to comment---congratulations and AWWWWWWWWWW!! That's just about the cutest proposal ever..

    Also, I love that song, and will now have it stuck in my head for the rest of the day....

    1. It is a great story, isn't it? I love telling it. I generally leave out the part that I just started bawling and forgot to say yes until he prompted me again. Oops.

      It is a lovely song. I don't think it's as well known as other Stan Rogers songs, but I have a soft spot for it.


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