Wednesday, September 5

Weak Willed & Easily Led

I'm stealing the title from Little Toby Walker.

Sewaholic is having a moving sale.  You know I thought Alma was adorable when it was released.  Cambie is also very pretty.  But I bought Pendrell when I bought Renfrew and the most I've done is to take it out of the envelope and put it back.  I told myself I couldn't order the others until I did something with Pendrell.  My resolve only lasts for so long and a 20% off sale was too hard to resist.  Alma and Cambie are heading my way now. 

Mr. Lina is also leading me along in a good way.  I have mentioned a handful of pounds that I'd like to part ways with, Mr. Lina is in a similar situation and wanting to change it.  Adding to that, they are doing a weight loss contest at his work.  Each month you chip in $20 if you want to play, the person at the end of the month who lost the most wins the pot.  Mr. Lina also needs to get his blood pressure down.  So lots of reasons to lose some weight and get healthy.  We have far more success in losing weight when we both want to and work together, so he's dragging me along for the Couch to 5K program.  Last night was the first time running for me in a long time.  I managed better than expected and while I can feel a few muscles today, it's not so bad.  Last time we tried running together I ended up having to stop because my asthma was just out of whack and I couldn't breathe.  My asthma is usually triggered by allergies so it may have been bad timing, it didn't pose a problem when I was training for the try-a-tri 7 years ago.  We also have slightly different gaits, I'm not sure how well running together is going to work in the long term, but we'll deal with that as it comes.  I managed pretty well yesterday with the 60 second increments of running.

The birthday weekend was lovely.  We went to 5 wineries, Cave Springs (and lunch at Inn on the Twenty) and Flat Rock, then over to Niagara on the Lake area to visit Sunnybrook (fruit wines), Strewn and Hinterbrook.  We kept calling Hinterbrook variations of Hinterland Who's Who, I'm going to struggle to remember their name because of that.  If you're in the area, it's worth a stop.  They are super new, they have been growing grapes since the 90's and selling them to Hillebrand, but 3 years ago decided to set aside a third of their grapes for their own winery.  The buildings are still under construction, the staff serving on Saturday were the children of the owner of the winery, I enjoyed chatting with them.  My favourite was their Franc Blanc ($22), a white wine made from Cabernet Franc grapes, generally made into red wine not white.  It has a lovely flavour, mouth feel, not too sweet but it's still lovely to sip alone.  I'll be reaching for it with the next spicy meal we have.  I didn't buy enough.  If you are ever planning on heading to Niagara/St Catharines/Jordan area for wines, let me know and I'll give my two cents on where to go.  We tend to hit the smaller wineries.  I'd rather visit places that I can't buy their wine at the LCBO than the Jackson-Triggs, Hillebrands etc.  We now have a well stocked cold room, a very well stocked cold room. 

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  1. You would love the Okanagan Valley, you can't drive a couple of miles without finding a winery. They are everywhere. Seriously, I pass by two or three on the way home. And I don't drink. Seems a waste sometimes.


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