Thursday, August 16

The downside to training

Apparently in my haste yesterday, I did a crappy proof reading job, I've made minor tweaks...

Sometimes, it's just faster to do it yourself. 

I am a shade frustrated with that.

I need to remind myself he won't learn if I do it.

Even if it would be faster.

This project is beyond his skills to be as independent as my manager thinks he should be with it.

Did I mention it's due tomorrow?

Guess who I'm going to do see tonight?

I am going to hold a baby.

Maybe that will make this project disappear.

I'm sure it will feel good while I've got the baby.

I am not so sure it's going to feel good when I leave the baby behind.

I should have put this in bullet points from the outset, shouldn't I?

My mom is convinced my half Vietnamese niece looks like me. 


I suspect she is saying that to make me show up and see for myself.

At least she'll have better ears if they are like mine rather than my brothers. 

Clone could give Prince Charles a good run for his money.

And I freaking missed the employee store in my efforts to work on that stupid project. 

Damn it.

I could use some chocolate too.


At least traffic will be lighter going home...


  1. I snorted a bit at Clone giving Prince Charles a run for his money....

    Enjoy your visit with your niece. Perhaps she does look like you. :-)

    1. Mission accomplished. :)
      Yep, visit was very good and Mom has a point.

  2. I love how you capture your misc thoughts.

    I enjoy training people but hate deadlines.

    I wish I had a niece. 3 nephews makes for boring shopping trips once they've passed the tonka stage.

    Moms are usually right...dammit.

    1. I'm glad you like the format. I am a babbler, this kind of lets me ramble but in short form.

      I can see the benefits of niece vs nephews, or at least the fact that each have their cool points so a mix is good.

      Yes, indeed they are.


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