Wednesday, August 31

I should open a store apparently

Tonight I thought I would spend a little time digging around my sewing room.  See what I had to go with that swirling purple/grey/black fabric.  I had bought 8m of black lace elastic, but at half price, that just made sense to me regardless of this project.  I can always find a use for that.

So here's what I found:

Again, I've put a piece of white cardboard behind this so the fabic is brighter in the picture than life.  The purple satin at the bottom is not irridescent, it's just satin and more plum than the picture shows and matches the darker purple parts of the fabric well.  The black fabric is pantie spandex, the black lace is the one I bought.  But I found purple, silver, plum, and silver and purple lace too.  I do have a tendancy to buy it when Fabricland has it 50% off, the assortment is always pretty limited so when I find a nice colour, I snap it up.  The one thing I couldn't find was my silver stretch satin.  I know it's in there somewhere.

Ah well, not sure I'm closer to deciding on what this will be, but my sewing room is a bit tidier.  I am sold on the sheer swirly fabric.  It says bride to me now. 

Mr. Lina is sick I am sad to say.  Woke me up at 6 or so this morning coughing.  He has spent the day in a Neocitron stupor and I spent the day at work avoiding him.  So far I feel fine, just my seasonal allergies driving me crazy but that's ragweed for you.  Here's hoping he stays doped up enough through the night to not keep me up coughing.  I'll be clearing off the guest room bed just in case...

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