Friday, August 26

Happy Friday!

So it's another coffee infused Friday.  Mr. Lina had a work function yesterday that ended at the Jays game on the vendors dime.  A limo ride was part of the deal, but only from the carpool lot on the highway a 4 min drive from my house.  As a "good wife", I said I would pick him up at the lot so he could drink and not worry about the last little bit getting home.  I don't think I connected that this ride would be needed at 12:45 on a school night when I offered.

A list to keep punctuation at a minimum:
  • So how come he arranges to work from home because of the late night but the driver still has to go to work?  ;)
  • My fault for staying up rather than going to bed early and waking up to get him
  • Mr Lina makes a pretty cute drunk sometimes, last night was one of them
  • More maps to make today - distribution of Italians in several Canadian cities
  • Not quite sure what I'm doing this weekend, very odd on a Friday to still feel unsettled
  • Possible activities:
    • Farmers market, preferably tomorrow so I can see my parents, if not a different one on Sunday
    • Special effects contest that my husband is being entered in
      • Ties in with a zombie movie he produced and played a character to save budget, Humphrey the zombie looks awesome and it's good exposure for the yet to be released film
      • Probably not going to the contest, it's Sat 10pm and he has to arrive for make up at 4pm, that's a lot of standing around waiting with people I don't know
    • Depending on timing & weather, a hike with Mr Lina
    • Sewing - catch up on Rooibos sew-along
    • Sewing - figure out what I'm making for my friends bachelorette gift, it's fast approaching
    • Sewing - shopping for lingerie fabric that matches the bride
    • Sewing - my sewing room needs some tidying, right now it looks like Rooibos exploded tissue all over the room
    • Swimming
  • Swimming stands out on that list, eh?
  • I said I'd do the swim portion of a sprint triathalon with the bride
  • It is next weekend and I haven't gone swimming once this summer
  • Oops.
  • I was a lifeguard/instructor through high school and university, the only sport I ever had talent in was swimming, and competitive swimming at that
  • I'll survive, I'll just do more back crawl than front crawl once the crowd thins out
  • I lied, I was good at 5 pin bowling and that's kind of a sport
  • Past tense was intentional, I still bowl, but a 9 year gap means I suck now and can't bowl nearly as well as I did when I was 18
  • 5 pin bowling is a Canadian game, there are other versions of bowling - duck pin, candlestick, and a German version with 9 pins
  • I am having lunch with friends today, one still works at my client, the other two have left, it's good that we still get together
  • I work more often in my clients office than my employers office
  • I work out of 5 different offices, some more frequently than others
  • I know more people at my clients office than my employers
  • My employers office is the farthest away from home, one day a week is often enough for my taste
Okay, time to focus on work I suppose.  I do like being paid, I should earn it.

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