Wednesday, August 17


I've been reading blogs for a while now.  I have let out bits and pieces of me through comments.  I have been starting to think that maybe it's time to find my voice and my outlet.  I've learned so much from reading other peoples stories, maybe I should share mine.
So where do I see this going?  A few avenues.

I love to sew but I will say I work in fits and starts.  I'm not always sewing, but I am generally thinking about it.  I don't do a very good job of documenting my projects and this might be a good push to do so.  I like making clothing for myself, more often clothes for work I suppose.  I have made quite a bit of lan-ger-ay for myself, panties and a few bras.  I have to say I've had more misses than hits with bras.  They look pretty, they don't fit so well.  I've made little pretty outfits for my friends as they got married.  I've enjoyed that.  Last one of the group is getting married this fall so I have one more outfit to make.

Well that opens a whole can of worms.  One day I'll share the story, but it's a long story and worthy of it's own time.  Today, well, today is not a good day on that front.

My husband and I have a real passion for supporting independent artists.  Through going to Summerfolk, I've really found music that speaks to me.  Folk is a really wide umbrella, call it what you want, roots, country, blues, bluegrass, singer/songwriter, whatever, there is a lot of good story telling through music.  There are a lot of great artists that should be following their passion and calling rather than taking a day job to pay the bills.  We support them by doing house concerts from time to time.  A lot of them are friends.  

That seems about enough to get things started.   

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