Sunday, August 28


Well I am actually doing pretty well on my to do list this weekend.  Went to the farmer's market, had a nap with Mr Lina this afternoon, and did some weeding in my flower beds and I actually went for a run after he left for the special effects contest.  So no swimming, but a run and we're planning on going for a hike tomorrow is pretty good for me.  I only went about 2 km, but given that I haven't run in a very long time, that was enough for my poor lungs, I'm still a bit wheezy.  Go asthma go.

I titled this planning, so let me get to planning.  I have a friend getting married and I'm hosting her bachelorette on Sept 10th.  After I got married, I looked at the lingerie I was given and thought, hmm, not much too this really, I can do that.  So I did.  And now it's a bit expected amongst my university friends to make them a gift. 

The bride has a figure a bit like mine, full bust, full hips (more bum actually than hips but I'm a bit like that too).  Based on what I saw at her Stag & Doe, she's lost weight since I took her measurements.  Past that, I think figure wise, whatever suits me will suit her.  She has blonde hair, fairly pale skin, so I don't want too pale of a colour.  I still have to dig through my stash and see if I have something that suits her.  I don't think I do.

So, some options...  I'm going to either self draft or rely on Lekala.  Ever been there?  They are a Russian online pattern company, terrible directions (many are only in Russian) but I like a lot of the patterns.  Twice now they have put up 3 sizes of everything free.  Fortunately, one of the sizes lines up fairly well with me, I think they will work for the bride too.  I try to keep in mind the personality of each of my friends when picking lingerie.  I really believe we all will be at our most sexy when we believe we are sexy and constantly fiddling with something is not sexy, not wearing it because it's too sheer is also not sexy.  I think this bride is fairly comfortable with her body, but I don't know how "oh look at me" she will be.  Less crazy sexy and more classy sexy.

I have made 5241 before.  Both for myself and my SIL.  Mine was in a sheer polyester with satin bias tape for trim.  I really like it actually.  Flattering, but it really doesn't do anything for a full bust.  No lift in that slip.

5779 is something I've always thought about for her.  If the waist part is snug, then it will give her bust a little lift, make her waist look small and slide over her hips/bum.  I dunno about doing it in satin though, maybe something that is at least a little sheer and stretch lace for the waist will be more forgiving if she's lost weight like I think she has.

The other option is more self drafted.  Wide lace elastic across the bust and a circle skirt.  I have one like that, and I've made this for one of my friends, it's flattering and if the wide lace is wide enough for us full busted girls it's a bit of support.  I know my B cup friends have commented that it's enough support for them. 

Another option is taking Elan 510, a front closing bra I have made a few times now, and putting a little skirt along it.  I have made something similar for two friends (but with wide lace elastic across the bust) and heard positive feedback.  I have something similar that does open to the front, and made one for myself, it's flattering.  So picture this bra, those panties, but with a sheer skirt around the bra.

Hmm... so many options....  I think the fabric will tell me what's right when I find it. 

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