Friday, August 19

Count down

I am not much of a coffee drinker, love the smell, don't like the taste.  But the over sweet hot chocolate (think Timmies) and coffee?  Oh I can do that when I need a boost.  Problem is, I lose punctuation.  Either I get into a work zone and push through a lot of stuff or I spend the day distracted by shinies.  I'm waiting for data to run, and while I do, I'll try a list.  Then I don't need to worry about punctuation.
  • 11:21 and today is an early close day, I should be off work at 1
  • I need to make maps for my client, it's more than an hour and a half of work I think
  • I may not be leaving at 1
  • My plans to delay my period for Summerfolk seem to be thwarted
  • Cramps f*cking suck
  • I have no advil on me
  • I like making maps and yet I often drag my heels getting started
  • My degree is in geography
  • Never say to a geography student "Oh, you must want to teach." 
  • Maybe I would be a teacher if people didn't keep saying that.
  • Implications of today being day one?  That means day three is Sunday. 
  • Day three is a monitoring day (ultrasounds - yes plural for Day 3 - and blood work) if I am going to try and get pregnant this cycle.
  • Day 3 would be when I start Femara as well, the only hope I have of ovulating it seems.
  • I plan on being a few hours away on Sunday listening to folk music, I can't do a Day 3 appointment
  • I'm kinda pissed about that
  • Not that I think it would work, but it's always worth trying.
  • Cramps f*cking hurt. 
  • Wait, I said that.
Oh, my data is ready, time to do those maps.  Nothing like a deadline to motivate you.

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