Friday, January 11

My Turn

I don't know about you, but it seemed like everyone over the holidays was sick.  A third of my facebook page seemed to be "I'm sick" or "the kid is puking" or "the husband is down for the count" or "off to the hospital".  I guess because Mr. Lina and I really didn't see people, we didn't get sick.  Until last Friday he had a scratchy throat and started developing cold symptoms over the weekend.  I made the mistake of thinking I made it through a week of his cold and I was fine. 

Nope.  I have a scratchy throat and it's 10am (yes, this took all day to write) and I'm tired.  Like my arms feel tired.  Past that, I feel okay, but I know where this is going.  I suspect I'll be hiding out upstairs during Shitty Movie Night tonight to avoid sharing this with others.

Yesterday was a pretty good day.  It's kind of nice being at my employers office more often, helping people in person rather than getting multiple people on our internal communicator at the same time.  I had time to actually deal with geographic data that came in that I'm suppose to care for.  It was nice.

My SIL and niece came over.  She is so cute.  Really and truly.  She's got this full cheeky face and bow lips, dark hair that stands up in a faux hawk at the back and I still think she looks like my baby pictures.  Her eyes are dark but big, particularly when she's sizing someone up.  I think she's getting a little tired of strange houses and people.  She seemed a bit anxious at times and was happier being held by my SIL.  If she wasn't crying, she was staring at Mr. Lina.  She is really fascinated with him.  We also found she liked watching Mr. Lina play guitar.  Thursdays are standing guitar night for him and a friend and she thought this was great.  Until she got hungry.  But I'm not very happy when I'm hungry either.

At one point my SIL was out of the room with my niece trying to console her.  I guess Mr. Lina could see things on my face I didn't realize I was feeling.  He gave me a good hug and I felt tears welling up in my eyes.  Even though she was crying and throwing a full out hissy fit of tears and shaking fists, I want that.  I don't just want the perfect happy baby, I want the whole package.  Those times when parents have a screaming kid and look at me and say "are you sure you want this?  Yes.  And if things had not gone poorly two years ago, I would have had that already. 

But, there is no point in dwelling on ifs.  Holding and playing with my niece was good, I think it did make the day a little easier.  I may not like being around pregnant women, but babies are full of good feelings.

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