Tuesday, January 15

I Feel Pretty...

I try not to be a wimp when it comes to being sick, but I would really like this cold to end or at least figure out what kind of illness it is.  Although it's mostly in my sinuses, my tummy is feeling a bit queasy.  Weird.  I'm not so sick to use a personal day, I opted to work from home today so I share this with fewer people.  It does have me mildly grumpy.

Misty's Laws hit a bit of a button today as I sit in my elastic waistband yoga pants feeling decidedly unsexy.  It's a tough time of year for self esteem etc and the idea of listing 100 things I like about myself might be a good venture.  However, looking at her list, I realized how long 100 things is.  40 looks like a pretty long list.  Let's see how I do.
  1. I like my nose.  I like the size and proportion.
  2. I like my hair, perhaps not the white ones as much as the non-white, but even the white ones make me, me.
  3. I like my breasts.  There have been times where it hasn't all been love but I've always appreciated how they looked with a bra propping them up.
  4. I like my toes and feet, they are well shaped.  They are rather large for my height but I never understood why anyone cared about the size of their feet.  I have never gone shoe shopping and left feeling fat.  They are a size 9 and that's that. 
  5. I like being a girl.  I'm sure if I was a boy I'd feel like that, but really, I love being feminine.  I love the curves of my figure that define my gender.
  6. I like my eye colour.  Mostly green, I really like them.
  7. I like being short.  There is a reason I usually play small characters in D&D, I identify with them in a positive way.
  8. I am a good hostess.
  9. I am good at sharing knowledge, making people feel comfortable with stupid questions.  Probably in part because I'm not good at asking questions and I hate feeling stupid so it's a strange sense of empathy.
  10. I am patient.
  11. I am a good cook, particularly with appetizers.
  12. I love the way I feel wearing self made clothing.  It's really powerful.
  13. I like my legs.  They are kind of muscular but I like the curve of my calves and ankles.
  14. I am a caring friend.  I don't always know how to help but I want to.
  15. I am a good listener.
  16. I am a really good swimmer.
  17. I appreciate that I had the good sense to be patient with my husband and recognize him for being a good partner for me.
  18. I think I am a good judge of people.  I give them time to prove me wrong if something is setting off my spidey senses, but I'm not often wrong.
  19. I am calm in emergency situations.  Well, of the physical sort, like cuts and bleeding, etc.  I guess the worst I've seen is a torn Achilles tendon. 
  20. I like the sound of my laugh.  Family members have commented that it's similar to my Nana's.  That makes me smile.
Okay, it took me all day to get to 20.  This could take a while for the self love-in.  Still, a good list to look back on when self esteem is in the gutter.  What would be on your list?


  1. Aren't you fabulous! I'm sure your husband could have come up with a whole diff list of twenty things he likes about you, in 10 per cent of the time :-) Hope you are feeling better soon. The bugs going around right now are really hideous. Just try to stay relaxed, warm and hydrated. You will recover soon!

    1. You know I'm sure he can. Pretty sure my ass would be on that list. ;)

      I keep expecting to wake up feeling like death and it's never getting that bad, just constantly annoying and evolving. Relaxed, warm and hydrated. Will do.

  2. I'd say you have influenza--your symptoms sound eerily similar to mine and hubby's (he had the queasiness too, and actually did throw up a few times). Hope you feel better soon, and you probably will by about day 4.

    I love your list, mine would be somewhat similar I suppose. I really like my nose--it's small and has a cute little upturn on the end like I would imagine a pixie does. And I like how my eyes are the color of a thunderstorm--that dark blueish-grey. And I like how my hair is a pretty mix of red, ashy blonde, and brown; it doesn't look great under florescence, but outside in the sunlight...

    1. You are the third person to bring up the influenza possibility to me. I don't have the muscle ache that I associate with the flu but with food flying through me yesterday, I think you all may be right.

      "Colour of a thunderstorm" how awesome is that?

    2. I actually didn't have body aches either (except for the ones from sleeping awkwardly whilst congested), so don't discount it.

      Very awesome. ;-)

  3. Hey - my understanding is that influenza, while it presents with different symptoms, really is a respiratory illness, first and foremost. The stomach thing that's going around Ontario right now is more likely a noro-virus - and I hear it's a bad one. The cold I had over Xmas was entirely in my sinuses - that's the first time, actually, I've ever had a sinus cold and I was amazed by how unpleasant it was. I suspect you might have a combo of the 2 bugs, both going around, as I've seen a few other peeps dealing with similar symptoms.

    Regardless of what it is, it completely sucks, but chances are what you've got - just to make you feel better - does not come with the same sort of potential health concerns that the flu does.

    If you've got serious, wracking coughing (from the chest, not throat), fever and aches/chills (my husband had it last year and it lasted almost a month in one form or another) then it's more likely flu.

    1. I am coughing more today than previously, mostly it's been at night. The cough is now at the right pitch to send my crystal glasses ringing. I haven't taken my temperature now that you mention it. I have had moments where I have found the room too warm, but it's been moments and I haven't had chills. If this does settle into my chest it's going to be a while. I don't shake coughs easily.

      It might just be a cold and well, something else upsetting my stomach. It's like nothing is bad enough to call it a day and do nothing but watch movies and sleep, but just enough to be annoying.

    2. Poor you! Can you take the rest of the week off?

    3. Eh, I don't that it's that bad, this is no whoping cough. I only get 7 personal days in a year, I try to save them for when I really can't work. My manager is supportive for working from home in that he doesn't want the whole department to be sick because I felt the need to go in. We'll see how I feel in the morning.

  4. One thing that would be on my list is I like my motivation to always want more for myself. It doesnt always work out but I keep trying.

  5. We could all do better making a list like this. I nominated your blog for a Leibster award...see my blog for details.


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