Tuesday, July 31

Awards Abound

I happen to be married to an award winning film maker.  The Post-Lifers took the prize for Best Short Film at the Mississauga Independent Film Festival.  Pretty cool, eh?  Sadly, they emailed the producers at 7pm Sunday night to say they were top 3, could/would they be attending the awards ceremony that night?  Mr. Lina was tired and watching a movie, not checking email and didn't find out until after it was too late.  He replied to apologize and went to their twitter feed to see they won.  Honestly, the 10 or so short films I saw Sunday were all great.  Good quality of films, these did not look like really low budgets.  I don't know what the other two screenings of short films included but the competition was really good based on Short Films C.

I also happen to be given a little award at work for organizing our team event.  It means I get to pick a prize from a selection dependent on the type of prize.  I struggle picking something every time I get one of these awards.  I like some of the kitchen appliances but I don't really have space for a yogurt maker or dehydrator or bread maker.  They do have two irons to choose from.  I like my iron and it works fine, but every time I consider picking one out just to have a back up.  My options are a T Fal Cordless Iron or a Panasonic Cordless Steam Iron.  Or maybe a small garment steamer?  I like the idea of the steamer but the reviews are pretty brutal.  Decisions, decisions...

In the FAIL awards section, I award a fail to plastic bra pieces.  Friday night we were at our friends cottage, I stretched a bit and heard a pop.  The little plastic hook holding my bra strap and the bra cup together broke.  Bah.  I am not amused.

My uterus also gets an award for most confusion in 2012.  Spotting on Friday was just spotting.  So who knows when my period will arrive next.  Maybe it's a good thing I'm not seeing the doctor until September, I don't have to worry about the non-period, just rejoice that I didn't have to worry about tampons at a friends cottage.

And last but not least, I seem to have been awarded a summer cold.  Every day the symptoms shift a little bit, not so bad to really hold me back but it's pretty annoying.  My ears keep feeling like they need to pop and things sound muffled.  Today there is a bit of a cough but my nose seems to be in better control.  I was going to take a picture of my broken bra yesterday but I just couldn't be bothered.  Mr. Lina made up for the "it's purple" by making our dinner, bringing me beverages and dealing with garbage day on his own.  I sat and crocheted.  He is a very good husband.


  1. Congratulations to Mr. Lina and the Post Lifers! And to you for your work award. I'd be tempted by the iron, but also by a breadmaker or dehydrator... and I have a friend who swears by her steamer (although I don't know what kind it is.)

    As for the other awards, well, blerg. Bodies. Also blerg on crappy plastic bra parts.

  2. I was just reading reviews on that particular dehydrator. They were all so positive that I'm leaning towards it. Lots of people like the Panisonic iron but a few complain it needs to sit on the base or it looses heat... sigh.

    This is twice now I've had self-made bra failure thanks to plastic pieces. I should learn a lesson in that.

  3. Congrats on the awards! My company makes it easy to give little awards to coworkers so I've been getting a rush of them lately. I always choose the Home Sense gift card. Since we are furnishing a home and I can always pick up gifts for people.
    Do you get metal bra pieces? Can you go through airport security? ;)

    1. We used to have a program where you could pick gift cards. That was pretty cool. However "research" has shown that we did not associate our company with the purchases we made with the gift cards while I would have ongoing positive feelings about my employers while using the air purifier in our bedroom (um, no, I don't). So now I'm left with gifts that I don't really need but seem kind of cool.

      Well, I have set off metal detectors with my underwire before. And yes, Sew Sassy sells metal slides & hooks. The front closures are all plastic though. That's what broke on my previous bra. http://www.sewsassy.com/BraProducts/braringsslideshooks.html


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