Tuesday, July 24

Back in the saddle..

You know where I was this weekend?

In my sewing room.  It's been a while, but I'm back.

Sadly, I don't have anything to show for it just yet.  I'm sure you're not interested in seeing me fix Mr. Lina's shirt where the button for the button down collar popped off taking part of the shirt with it.  From there I went back to working on the McCalls pattern given to me by ElleC.  I have the bodice together and the skirt together, the next steps are sewing them together.  I had to do a lot of grading to the pattern so I'm doing a lot of pinning and trying on as I go.  Besides, sewing in my bra and panties is cooler, AC < iron.  So far, I think it's going to look good.  Maybe not quite the same as the pattern intended but good. 

For example, the skirt fits snug with a little bit of ease, like a great pencil skirt.  I think it's pretty flattering when pinned closed (we'll see how the zipper changes that).  Apparently it was suppose to be big enough to have some gathers at the front, my version will not have that.

The front bodice has gathers (and I did leave space for that) but as I lined up the bodice and skirt there is too much to the back bodice.  Looking at the envelope pictures, I think the back is suppose to have gathers too.  I may not have transferred the "gather here" markings between versions.  I was looking forward to sewing the two pieces together, but I have some gathering to do first.

Our favourite two year old has been talking about Mr. Lina and I, apparently we have gone too long between visits.  Who are we to argue with her?  We arranged a little play date for us on Saturday around lunch.  Her word comprehension is great but sometimes her interpretation is a little more literal than her parents are expecting.  Like... mentioning that her daycare would be going to a pony farm the next day resulted in a very annoyed little girl when she was dropped off at daycare and not a pony farm.  On Saturday, they put off mentioning our visit until they were at the grocery store trying to avoid the pony disappointment.  When they got home she refused to get out of the car because to her, seeing us means going to our house.  She knew her home is not where you find the Linas.  Ah the literal world of two year olds where time has no meaning...  In the end, all was good.  She and I had fun in her splash pool in the back yard, she and Mr. Lina played tickle games and puzzles. 

On the time well spent front, there are some good things to report.  I had an awful lot of time to myself over the weekend (and tonight) as Mr. Lina does more film prep and yes I did waste a lot of time playing solitaire, but not all of it.  I made soap from our soap slivers.  I worked in our little gardens and pulled out a full bag of weeds and trimmings.  As mentioned I did sew and a little mending.  I did laundry.  I found homes for a lot of the clutter in the living room and dining room.  I know that sounds like a pretty lame list, but any one of those things has felt overwhelming at times.  It's a good sign.

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