Friday, July 20


Thank you all for the lovely comments on my last post.  I said it in my replies but I wasn't sure that I was conveying what was rolling around in my head very well.  Your comments made it clear I did explain myself well and I appreciate all your input.

Wednesday we had a team event on Toronto Island.  It was a great picnic and bocce tournament, time for the 14 or so of us to feel like a team.  With many of us working at our clients office, it's hard to feel like a team sometimes.  If you are looking for a little game to play with coworkers, this was fun.  Everyone had to come up with 3 things about themselves, two being true and one being false.  As an organizer, we asked not to say which was the lie so we could play along.  As we ate lunch, my co-organizer would read the three statements and people would guess who it was.  Then, people would vote by putting their fingers in the air on which was the lie and the person would tell us.  We were earning "money" over the day to auction off prizes so we were a bit fast and loose with scoring.  Want to know my 3 things?
  1. I took French and Spanish classes in high school and university.
  2. I sewed my high school prom dress.
  3. I competed in lifeguard competitions.
People spotted me from those three things but not one person spotted the lie.  Any guesses?

However I think I got a little too much sun and felt pretty crappy yesterday.  I woke up with a headache, a little nausea, dragged myself to the shower and climbed back into bed with a towel on my wet hair.  Mr. Lina said I should take the day off, I felt I have taken enough time off and it's just a headache I should be a trooper... then I got to my client site and realized I didn't have my purse and thus no way to pay for parking. 
I am the win.

I went home.

Working from home as served me well.  I went to bed on time last night but Mr. Lina came to bed later than me (and a little tipsy) with sad news that a friends mother died from cancer.  I knew she wasn't well but I am a bit removed from it all as our friend moved to Saskatoon about a year after I met Mr. Lina so I've never developed a close friendship myself.  Mr. Lina wakes me up to tell me the sad news and mumbling at me that I turned the AC off so he was too hot to cuddle (my first instinct on hearing of something sad) and promptly started to snore.  By this point, I was awake, looking at the ceiling and annoyed he woke me up if he didn't need any consoling.  Sigh.  I was awake for about an hour, I expected today to be another struggle to get up but actually, I feel pretty well rested.

Country Girl Couture posted about sock bun curls (doesn't she look pretty?).  I had never heard of such a thing and ended up following links and videos to learn about sock buns, sock bun curls, headband curls... lots of ways to curl your hair while you sleep and a sock updo.  My hair will curl under or out, it will look curly coming out of hot rollers but over time just looks... kinda maybe wavy.  I'm always up for trying to make my hair do something I know it won't do.  In short, for sock bun curls, you cut the toe part off a sock, roll it into a ring.  Put your damp and producted hair in a pony tails and then roll your hair around the sock ring until you look like Princess Leia and then sleep on it so it dries.  I actually have toeless socks (a gift), I think they are intended for keeping your feet warm while painting your toe nails.  They just seem silly to me, but they finally found a purpose.  My hair isn't quite long enough so I did one at the top of my head and one at the back and today I'm actually rocking a little curl.  Half way through the day it's certainly relaxed but at least it still looks intentional.  A few things I could do to help it along...
  1. Better product from the get go.  I did not put curl enhancing product in my hair, there are likely better products than what I used.  Next time I'd plan to curl it rather than remeber the toeless socks at bedtime and use the right stuff.
  2. Start with it a little damper.  I gather you don't want it too wet because then it won't dry.  I was starting with dry hair and adding water, I could have added a little more.
  3. Stop touching it.  I'm not very good at leaving my hair alone.
I will be trying this from time to time again.  It was easy, it took very little time even for the multiple tries to get it rolled better.  Sure I looked silly sleeping but I don't think Mr. Lina noticed when he came to bed at 12:30.  It would actually be a great option on the rare occasion I wash my hair at night.  I don't like washing my hair the night before because it always does something stupid in the morning, this would avoid that.


  1. Thanks! Now I'm blushing. :-) I didn't put anything in mine (product usually just makes my hair oily/stiff), though maybe some mousse would make it hold better?

    Hmmm...I'd guess you didn't make your high school prom dress, but I can't be sure.

    I am sorry to hear about your friend's mom, hopefully she went peacefully. Sometimes that's the best we can hope for.

    As for the menfolk, sometimes they're a pain like that, but that's how it goes. On the bright side, at least he wasn't snoring in your ear! ;-)

    1. I'm thinking mousse. We have some that is vaguely curl enhancing where what I used is more of a soft hold kinda thing.

      See, people here know me better than work. ;) Work folks do know that I sew which made that seem perfectly reasonable.

      "Sometimes that's the best we can hope for." I fully agree with that statement.

      Very good point about the snoring. It does make a difference being pointed away rather than towards my ear.


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