Saturday, September 29

Lost & Found

I seem to be having some issues of misplacing things. 

I could have sworn I took the charger for my cell phone with us in Montreal just in case my phone died.  When we returned I looked through all the bags.  No luck.  I was starting to think that I would have to upgrade my phone (I am due for a new one it just seems wasteful when this one still works well enough for me) because I couldn't charge the damn thing.

Mr. Lina asked to take the little camera I generally use for my blog with us to Montreal.  Given that I'm the last one to use it 99% of the time since he bought the fancy one, I really should know where it is.  Couldn't find it.

On Wednesday night, while snacking at the dining room table at the house concert break, I saw something plugged into the wall on the other side of the table.  We don't often have anything plugged in there so it stood out.  But with people around I made a note to check later.  Sure enough, it was for my cell phone.

It's getting chilly and to get our runs in, we're running a bit late mid-week.  I bought some stretchy gloves and wicking undergarments on Monday night.  I was searching high and low for the gloves on Thursday night and while I did not find them, I did find the camera sitting on the stairs to upstairs. 

So the benefit of me finding the camera?  My blog is not text only!  Yay!

I mentioned that I got a little twisted around when I got off the subway and went the wrong way on St. Hubert.  I didn't appreciate that the first place I went to had prices well labelled and you could see the fabrics.  It still felt like a lot of polyesters or I didn't care for the prints, but the notions were pretty cool.  The elastics were $1/m and his measuring was by the arm and rather generous, my 4m of strapping elastic measures out to 5m.  Aren't those zippers kind of cool?  I am not one to do exposed zippers but I thought at 50 cents I'd pick up a few, you never know and they sure look neat.  The bottom fabric is a remnant piece, very stretchy, soft.  A bit like tricot.

What I thought was really cool was the bra elastic.  This is a heavy elastic, satiny on one side and fuzzy on the other.  The kind you want for bra straps.  It's something I generally order from in standard black and white.  Sewsassy charges $0.60-$1.05 per yard for strapping elastic (plus shipping and the really low prices have a minimum of 10 yards).  $1 per very generous metre is a pretty good price.   To find it in an ice blue and mauve/purple was surprising.

I walked and walked before deciding that for sure I had walked too far.  Sure enough, just the other side of Jean Talon, every third store had "Tissues" in the window.  Honestly though, by this time my legs were rubbing a bit, my feet hurt and I was hot.  I didn't have the patience to lift bolts of fabric and harass people for the prices and fibre content.  This would have been more fun with other people to work as a team to identify prices and fibres.  Still, I found two pieces of fabric that caught my eye.

This is a pretty heavy fabric, cotton sateen with a little synthetic to add a bit of stretch is my guess.  It can't be much synthetic, it didn't bead up when I burned a little.  I've put a little penny to give some scale to those dots, the penny can cover the dots pretty much perfectly.  I thought the cream coloured background was really nice.  It's a bit stiff, not a whole lot of drape to this fabric.  I think it would be lovely as a Cambie dress, the A line skirt version.  It's way too heavy for the full skirt.

Now this fabric has a nice drape, see how it folds nicely where I opened it up?  I asked about the fibre content and he didn't seem to be totally sure but it does feel like there is likely some rayon in this woven and it doesn't feel like polyester.  I burned a little and it flared up like rayon and there was a tiny bit of beading by the dark purple stripes so maybe there is a bit of synthetic there but it mostly went to ash.  I love the shades of purple and there is a little bit of green woven into it.  I don't like wearing green so I know this seems lame to others, but it's a stretch out of my normal range of colours even if it's 90% purple.  I think it could make a nice Alma blouse, but I'm open to suggestions.  I have to say, the place I bought this had the strangest way of cutting.  He actually just brought a wooden yard stick to a table full of bolts of fabric and cut it on top of the bolts.  Weird, no?  There was not a single spot in this store that was not covered in fabric, not even a cutting table.
So I didn't go wild and crazy, but I have a few nice pieces of fabric to remember Montreal by. 
Now, to find where I put those gloves...

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  1. I just sewed a couple of these Alma Blouses - love the pattern.


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