Friday, September 14

And we're off

Well, almost.  Still have some errands to go, work to finish and then the doctors appointment, but after that, we'll be hitting the road. 

  • Alma and Cambie arrived, my contribution to helping Tasia move
  • My birthday gift from Mr. Lina has also arrived, Season 4 of Castle.
  • That may have me crocheting more than sewing...
  • Nathan Fillion can drop by any day.
  • You know he's from Edmonton?
  • This also means I'll have to order Gertie's book myself.
  • I have birthday money to spend, hopefully I make it to Rue Saint Hubert to spend it.
  • My slacking off on medication has come back to bite me in the ass.  Now that I'm being more dillegent with Metformin, I'm getting the crappy gastrointestinal side effects again.  Not fun at all.
  • It's serving as a good reminder as to why I should take better care of myself even when it's not a fertility cycle, nausea etc sucks.
  • But it will pass when my body adapts.
  • Again.
  • My fertility doctor asked me to check my coverage for a drug.  It's covered by one plan but not both (likely mine and not Mr. Lina's) if I get him to fill out extra paperwork.
  • I'd be paying 20% and it still comes to $400 per dose.  I think I'd need 3 or 4 in total.
  • I get why he asked about my drug coverage first.
  • I think at $2,000 a pop I'd say no.  This is a Hail Mary thing that I'm not 100% sure of anyhow.

Okay, time to hit the bank, get some gas and return the empties.  Our bags are packed.


  1. You could send Mr. Fillion my way when you're done, I wouldn't complain. ;-)

    Have a safe trip!

    1. Please tell me you have watched Firefly? If you have not, you really - REALLY - should. Yum.

  2. Get Gertie's book, I don't have any interest in vintage style sewing and even I am hooked.

    1. Oh I will. I didn't spend all my birthday money on fabric so I think some will go to the book.


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