Wednesday, October 3

Ouch that hurt.

Life chez Lina has been slow moving this week.  Mr. Lina and I went running on Monday evening, stepping up to the next level in the couch to 5k program and 5 minutes of running sucks but I was up to it.  The pattern for this week is:
  • 5 min walking
  • 3 min running
  • 90 seconds walking
  • 5 minutes running
  • 2.5 minutes walking
  • turn around
  • then repeat the 3min/90sec/5min/walk home
Near the end of the second 3 minutes of running, my ankle started to hurt.  Like hurt hurt, not like all my other muscles that complain but will push on.  I'm pretty sure Mr. Lina thought I was wimping out when I told him to run ahead on that last 5 minutes.  I tried to run a couple of times in part because it was dark and I wasn't dressed for walking, I really wanted to get home.  It became clear when I did get home, this wasn't just me being wimpy as going down the stairs was pretty painful and indeed, it's still hurting me now.  Granted, it's a whole lot better now and my limp isn't so visible, but I'm still taking stairs one at a time going down unless there is a hand rail to lean on.  I believe I will be up to walking tomorrow night but not running.

When you encounter a new blog, what do you usually do?  Do you read the post that caught your eye?  Do you start from that day and read going forward?  Do you go back to day 1 and start from there?  I often read a few posts to get a bit of context on what they are writing about and a sense of their writing style.  If I'm really and truly hooked, I go back to the beginning.  If it's a more life-driven blog, I usually go to the beginning because I want to know where they came from.  Again, it's about context.  K-Line has a great shop along series for bras and she's recommended a few companies to shop with.  (I ended up buying um...  more than a few bras on Sunday morning.  Apparently I don't understand window shopping when the sale ends today!!!  (like there wouldn't be another sale or something else on sale, I've already titled a post Weak Willed and Easily Led).  I'll write about that when they arrive.)  Yesterday I started reading the blog at Butterfly Collection.  Now maybe I have a bit of lazy-mental-health-slacker going on or maybe breasts and bras are truly that facinating, but it really is a great blog.  I've ended up reading all of her posts between yesterday and today.  All of them. 

Now I want my new bras so I can have happy breasts again. 

Mr. Lina & Autumn in August.  They were both rather sleepy and I love this picture.
Today is Mr. Lina's birthday.  Somehow in buying gifts for him I've ended up spending more on me.  Granted I did need what I bought, having one pair of pants to run in really isn't working so well.  And it might rain one of these days when we're running.  I couldn't show him the new purchases without telling him why I was there in the first place so I'm leaking out a little new clothing excitement here.  Dinner will be prime rib, which means I really should leave to get that in the oven...   


  1. Usually when I find a new blog, I read a few posts and then decide if it's one that I'll find interesting enough to commit to. A lot of times they aren't, so I leave it at that, but other times I will go through and read posts for the last couple of months (more or less depending on how prolific they are about posting). Lately though, I've decided to just add them to my reader and kind of see if I like them going forward--if not, it's pretty easy to delete them. And since I tend to hold off before commenting on a blog, they probably never know I was there.

    As for bras, Kristin enabled me too, and I have a few on their way to me as well. I didn't follow her guidelines of what to buy though. I purchased strictly based on appearance--i.e. where the straps were and how close the wires appeared to be in the center. I'm hoping soon to try making my own again, but I need something that doesn't hurt me in the meantime.

    1. I'm much quicker to comment than I used to be, I think I value them more now that I get them. ;)

      I'm in the same boat. I love the bras I've made but my drawer is just in sad shape and needs something in between now and when I get around to making another. But I'm a bit of an in for a penny, in for a pound where I'm not going to order just one if I'm going through the effort of having them shipped to me.


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