Sunday, November 20

Versatile Sorbetto

Prior to my vacation, I was honoured with the Versatile Blogger award from Lazy Subcultural Girl

The rules are as follows:
1.  Compose a short dedication to the person who gave you the award.
2. Write a list for your readers, detailing things about yourself that your readers don’t know.
3. Pass the love forward to five bloggers that you feel deserve to receive it too.

LazySubculturalGirl caught me with her tag line of "because black eyeliner is too high maintenance".  I know that feeling as it's a bit hit and miss if I bother with lipstick going to work these days.  The clothing she makes is always awesome, with edgy fabric choices that hide the mom of three beneath.  I love the Sci-Fi Sundays and they have certainly come in handy in relating to my husbands media choices.  Every post is amusing, interesting and inspiring. 

Oh.. things you don't know about me..  Well I was just telling a few stories from my childhood, and the A-Z, I'm pretty open here.  But I can probably dig up a few.

1.  Like LazySubculturalGirl, I have allergies.  The usual seasons/pollens/animals, but celery, carrots and mustard are my food allergies and sweet potatoes are on my suspect list.  I don't really want to work on confirming sweet potatoes, I just avoid them for now. 

2.  I worked for an outdoor advertising company out of university making maps.  I know a lot of small towns in Canada, Wetaskiwin Alberta anyone?  (which I pronounced wet-a-ski-win to a sales rep rather than we-tas-ke-win, they laughed).

3.  I played the clarinet from grade 7 through high school.  I was also in two choirs.

4.  I don't swear often, when I do it's a sign that maybe I don't need that next glass of wine...

And time to pass the love... 

1.  3 Hours Past the Edge of the World  Steph does some amazing work, she writes a lot of educational posts and is so willing to share her knowledge. 

2.  Living in Red I am so in love with her rounded front door, how could I not?  She sews and knits and talks about her family and home. 

3.  Stellar Parenting  Is a parenting blog, raising two boys that she adopted as older children.  I love every update, both the amazing steps her children have made to attach and heal and the crazy posts that remind me adoption isn't a piece of cake.  So absolutely inspiring.

4.  Falling Through Your Clothes  I love her style, she really knows how to dress her figure and takes risks with capes and beautiful fabric I would probably be afraid to cut into. 

5.  Petty Grievances  Ever have a morning when you need a bit of a giggle?  Highly recommend checking Petty Grievances out.  Be it the Wearable Wednesday posts that take a look at runway fashions or her own sewing, I'm always amused.

Honourable mentions to Tanit-Isis and K-Line, but I thought it was maybe against the rules to tag the same people you were tagged with.

Now I titled this Versatile Sorbetto didn't I?  That's 'cause I'm sewing.  Well, not at the moment.  I decided to double check the width of tape I'd need and the bias tape tutorial in case there were any tips I forgot and thought I really should take a minute to recognize the award I'm pretty pleased with.  So, one Sorbetto done, second is cut out...  time to get on with the bias tape production. 


  1. Thanks for the shout out! Good to have you back!

    I always enjoy going through your links -- we have some of the same ones, but I like getting different perspectives from what other people are reading.

    I used to swear a lot less, but I find as I get older that my filters are slipping. This morning I told Oldest to be careful around the cat as she was "being a little bitchy." OOPS.

  2. I'm with you on appreciating links. Everyone I read I have found by looking through other peoples blog rolls. I started with Gertie's blog and went from there.

    My time in aquatics kind of kept me from the habit through high school and university. All that time teaching kids to swim, I just found it easier not to swear at all. Which just added to the "good girl" mystique that I seem to have. On the grand scheme of things, saying the cat was a little bitchy isn't too bad...


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