Friday, November 18

Feet eating slippers

Mr. Lina - I know you don't generally read this, but in the off chance you are reading this particular post, look away now.  You can read this post on December 26th.

I'm not kidding.  Nothing to see here... 

Nothing at all.

No zombies of any kind.

I know I'm looking over your left shoulder, there is ah.. something on the wall there.

Okay, I think we're in the clear.

So a friend of ours sent me a link for zombie slippers, perfect for Mr. Lina.

He adores zombies, this really is perfect.  At $20, I thought this was a good gift, a nice mix of practical and novelty and I won't be upset if he doesn't wear them.  I started to click through and got a shipping estimation that was more than the slippers themselves.  Now I don't mind a bit of shipping, I know shipping to Canada is going to be a little steep and these aren't tiny little earrings, but a $20 purchase shouldn't come to $43 with the cheapest shipipng option.  It's not worth that to me, I might be annoyed if he didn't wear them.  If I tried, I could probably find something similar locally. 
Then I thought maybe someone has something similar on Etsy, I have bought him zombie cufflinks on Etsy before.  And there are many zombie things, but they are either pretty zombie kittens or hand painted $110 shoes.  Neither are really what I want.

But hey, I sew.  If I was looking on Etsy to see if someone else made them, can't I?  Sunni just made cute little slippers for her new home. 

So...  anyone ever made slippers?  My mom has sold really simple oval slides a few years ago.  I don't need them to be as complicated as the plush ones, but I really like the concept of your foot going into the mouth of the zombie so I'd need something with a back and more coverage (less feminine) than ballet slippers. 

Something to ponder...


  1. I have never made slippers, so I can't help there, but those are AWESOME! And perfect for your husband, even with the tiny bit I know of him.

    Not that long ago we had to order a replacement remote control for our livingroom amp/stereo/dvd player. Remote: $16. Shipping from the US: $30.


  2. It's crazy isn't it? I initially added a $13 dice game and thought maybe it would be cheaper for the slippers alone, but no, that didn't change it at all. I don't want to buy a bunch of things just so the shipping feels worth it.

    Blerg is right.


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