Thursday, November 3

A to Z of Seraphinalina

I am feeling a bit mentally drained today.  It's been a pretty focused workday that just sucked all the thought out of me.  I was off to a client I see every 2-3 weeks and there is a Fabricland with a little detour, and yes, I succumbed to temptation.  One knit, one remnant of microfibre and 3m of faux suede later...

But feeling as tired as I am at the moment, I'm going to steal from Funnygrrl  and be a lazy blogger today.

Age - 36

Bed - Double, like it, but it's getting up there in years.  I really don't care much about what my bedroom looks like, I don't spent much time there.

Chore you hate - I'm not much of a chore person.  Probably washing dishes.

Dogs - more of a cat person but allergies will keep anything with fur out of my home.  I like breathing without medication.

Essential start to my day - Breakfast.  I don't function well without food.  Not much of a coffee person.

Favourite colour - Purple.

Gold or silver - Silver.  My wedding rings are titanium and my engagement stone is a clear sapphire, my birthstone.  I like my jewellry to have significance.  I don't have my ears pierced, but neither does my mom (nor her mother/grandmothers) so if I am wearing earrings, it's likely a hand me down from them.
 Height - 5' and a half inch. 

Instruments you play - Clarinet in high school, but I'd rather support music than play.

Job title - Senior Consumer Analyst.

Kids - Not yet.

Live - Ontario, Canada.  I've always lived relatively close to Toronto without ever living in Toronto.

Mothers name - Marilyn.  I went through a phase where I figured out that her middle name (Margaret) was also her mothers name and both of her grandmothers name and somehow it's not in my name at all.  I named all my dolls Margaret and if I could have changed my name when I was 10, I would have had a second middle name of Margaret.

Nicknames - not many really.  Seraphinalina is something I gave myself.  Hmm...  nope, can't think of any. 
Edit:  I did think of a few, my dad calls me Sweetie (even on my Christmas presents if it's from him), Mr. Lina calls me Snuggles and various forms of the word snuggle, like snugglebum.

Overnight hospital stays - No.  I've spent time at the hospital for surgery, but not overnight.

Pet Peeves - Pet peeves need to be petty and I just can't get too worked up about much.  Aggressive drivers I suppose, the kind that weave in and out and scoot up a lane that is going to end just to get 2 cars ahead of where they were.

Quote from a movie - "I'm a girl, I'm a girl, I'm a girl..."  from Some Like it Hot.  Not exactly the deepest of quotes but the first to come to mind.  If you haven't watched this movie yet, you really should. 

Right/left handed - Right handed, my mother is a lefty so sometimes I arrange things a bit backwards because it "seems" right.

Siblings - Two younger brothers, two sister in laws and one brother in law.

Time you wake up - Alarm goes off at 6:30, if I'm in the shower by 7 we're doing well.  Without a schedule, I'd probably wake up around 8.

Underwear - Varies, I like cheeky lace panties that I make, but I also have more practical cotton panties.

Vegetable you hate - Not much, I am allergic to carrots, celery and mustard.  If it doesn't give me hives, I'm pretty much okay with it.

What makes you late?  - Sleeping in.  I try to be punctual, I'm usually running a couple of minutes behind from thinking it will take less time to get somewhere than it will.

X-Rays - Dentist, baby toe when I cracked it when I was 14, my uterus (that freaking sucked, do not recommend that test)

Yummy food you make - Lots, I like to feed people.  I like doing appetizers best, bean dips, hummus, artichoke dip, cream puffs with savoury fillings, foccacia, brie en croute...

Zoo animal - It's been a few years now since I was last at the zoo.  Maybe the penguins, but mostly because they make me think of  "And Tango Makes Three" a great story about how parenting isn't about birth.


  1. Whoa, we're the same age! Well, only for another week as I turn 37 in 6 days (whoop-de-doop). I'm also right-handed and my favorite color is also purple. I do like to feed people, but I prefer to do sweets, baked treats and big holiday meals. I do a cookie decorating party for several close friends and their kids every December, and I love cooking for Thanksgiving/Christmas even though the Hubs and I have various relatives living nearby who usually entertain us.

    I missed commenting on your last post, but it's good to know that things are looking up a bit. I'm bad about neglecting my friendships, then when I spend time with them I feel so much better that I kick myself for not keeping in touch. It's hard to remember the work/life/self balance when it seems like there is so much going on all the time.

  2. The 10 year old inside me has decided we are twins because we have so much in common. ;)

    I think time goes by so fast it's not a conscious decision to not see friends, you just turn around and think, wow... it's been 8 months... oops.

  3. Yay, trivia! I'll throw mine up in a couple of days if I don't have any real blog fodder (which seems likely). I'm imagining all kinds of horrible things about that uterine x-ray... (I'm tempted to relate the story about the time they lost my uterus, but it's rather gruesome and childbirth-related, so perhaps I shan't.)

  4. I'm looking forward to your version. Trivia is pretty facinating for some reason.
    They lost your uterus? Wow, that is definitely freaky. I'm not sure how that conversation would go.
    The uterine xray was compounded by three factors, first, it's not pleasant having fluid pushed through your cervix, second was the layout of the facility that involved walking from where the catheter was inserted and the xray was done and third, me hitting the roof when they couldn't find my name on the schedule. The procedure would be far worse for someone who actually had a blocked fallopian tube because of the pressure of the liquid trying to fill a blocked area. Sonohystograms get to similar information and while they aren't pleasant, it's advil worthy, not tears worthy.

  5. Ugh. Yeah, that sounds about along the lines I was thinking of :(

    Immediately after Tyo (well, any baby) was born, they want to palpate to make sure the uterus is shrinking right. For whatever reason, they couldn't "find" mine. (In hindsight I should've told them to f*&( off, if they can't feel it it's obviously shrinking just fine). The "procedure" that followed was nowhere near as bad as the childbirth right before, but was the LAST thing I wanted to be going through when the pain was supposed to be done. (No, I didn't have an epidural...)

  6. Ah.. I see what you mean about it being lost. My first thought was:
    Doctor "I'm afriad Ms. Isis that your uterus is missing.
    Tanit-Isis "I'm sorry, I don't understand, didn't we just empty the contents, surely it's still there"
    Doctor "Well, sometimes they get post partum depression and head to the bar to drown their sorrows in alcohol, but after not drinking for so long, it hits the blood stream hard. We have put an amber alert out, hopefully it returns home soon."

    Childbirth pain also seems to have a reward at the end. There isn't much of a reward involved in finding out your uterus is just doing what it's suppose to a little fster than they expected.


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