Tuesday, November 8

Vacation posts

I will be away for 6 days.  I have written a few posts for while I am gone.  Mr. Lina is way too internet dependent for us to be without some device so I'll probably get to pop on from time to time but not enough to post.

I have put together a few memories with these posts, looking back at people and events that impacted my life.  I think moments in childhood can speak a lot about who we are in simple terms, we're often still driven by the same basic needs.  People speak to what you idolize growing up and how you see the world.  Events can be turning points if you let them.

Last night I did finish the hems for the green tea towels.  I guess I got so busy squaring them up and keeping them as large as I could, I didn't think of how big they were.  They are different widths by a good inch.  I find it kind of funny and it's certainly not going to stop me from gifting them.  I mean who is going to sit there and compare the size of your tea towels?  The recipient will know, but I'm pretty sure those are going to Mom (the benefits of a secret blog I can write that) and she won't care.  I traced out some leaves, I think I'll take the hoop, thread and needle with me on vacation for quiet times.

And a special thank you to LazySubculturalGirl.  I'll be receiving my award when I'm back, but it doesn't mean I'm not tickled pink today.

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