Thursday, November 24

Crazy day coming up

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American readers.  It's business as usual here.

An Amazon package arrived last night.  This is not surprising in my house, Mr. Lina is a frequent customer.  But he needed to tell me that my Christmas present was in there.  Why, I don't know, I would have ignored it assuming there was some Cthulhu or board game something or other.  You know what I think it is (given that it's the only thing I asked for - with reminders when it did release)? 

Tee hee.  The box (still unopened by Mr. Lina) is sitting in the living room right now laughing at me.  Bah.  As excited as I am about getting this for Christmas, I think I'd rather not know it was in the house at this moment.

Today is going to be a crazy day.  I will get back to Part 2 of New Orleans (there is much more food to come) and I have TWO completed Sorbettos to post about (wearing one at the moment), but, it's crazy day and this post is just to let off some steam while I wait for data to run. 

I'm going to try a little good news/bad news...
Bad news...  couldn't sleep last night, too much to do today, too much on my mind.  Went to bed at 12 (about a half hour later than usual) but it was 1 before I fell asleep and Mr. Lina and I were both awake at 4am. 
Good news... when I did finally decide to not hit snooze again, I actually felt awake.  Sometimes it takes a while before I really feel alert.

Bad news...  ham was still frozen this morning.  It was suppose to go in the slow cooker.
Good news... gave me time to make chicory coffee (new addiction since NOLA) and put my lunch together while it was defrosting in the microwave.

Bad news... car needed gas, late start to the day was even later.
Good news...  Took the toll highway to try and speed up my trip to work, so it was at least more enjoyable than the first half of my drive usually is.

Bad news...  accident closer to my workplace, so any time gained was subsequently lost.
Good news... no real upside, I was just late.  But I did get to work early enough to get one of the last 3 parking spots in my usual lot.

Bad news... forgot my pass at home, must be in my other coat.
Good news... it's warm enough today to wear my light blue leather coat that doesn't sit well done up.  They say it's going to be 9C today.  Pretty impressive for November.

Bad news...  I don't enjoy dealing with the person I am doing project work for today.
Good news...  I'm going to be learning about restaurants for the project, so it should be vaguely interesting, a change from consumer packaged goods anyhow.  And the sooner it's done the sooner I'm heading home because...

Good news...  Coco Love Alcorn is coming to my house tonight along with her husband and her 14 month old daughter.  There's going to be a baby (well, toddler) in my house tonight.  Mr. Lina is very excited about that.  There is no bad news that goes along with that (well, until the toddler leaves).

The trumpet playing baby!  Multi talented, she plays the keytar on the back cover

So even with crappy stuff blocking my way today, it's going to be a freakishly good day because I say so.  Coco is awesome, there will be toddlers in the house, we have over 20 people saying they are coming tonight so I'm not stressing about attendance and it's one of our guests birthdays so there will be a surprise cake.  :)


  1. Ooo, exciting. I need to figure out a way to let my hubs know about my more esoteric present-wishes without it feeling totally like "You must get me this!" :P ... today he revealed that his expressed plan to have us stay here for Christmas was, in fact, a ruse to cover up taking me home as a surprise---which would've been lovely except that as soon as we announced that we weren't coming home, both our fathers made plans to come up here. Silly boy.

    Enjoy your house full of fun and friends! (And toddler!)... I am going to be working all weekend :P

  2. Oh I'm pretty direct. There are so few things I ever ask for, he generally comes through if I say "I want this". I know he wouldn't guess at a book like that and he likes the suggestions. This is also how I got The Bra Makers Manual.

    Bit of a miscommunication there, eh?

  3. Whew, your weekend sounds busier than mine and I've been BUSHED from rushing about. Hope you enjoyed the musical interlude (and the toddler!).

    I would NOT be able to resist opening that package for the book. I really, really want the skirt...can't decide if I can justify buying the book though. I keep going back and forth, since I only like two of the patterns but the cost of the book is so much less than buying Colette patterns separately.

    For Christmas, the Hubs and I make specific lists. We both have very intensive hobbies and this is the only way we know we'll get exactly what we want. Plus, it's less stress for the other person. But then we're both ok with the lack of surprise (I find real life surprising enough, thanks)!

  4. I think that busy weekend has been part of why I've been quiet here. Stuff to say, but it's hard to find a little quiet time to organize my thoughts.

    I really struggle to draw up wish lists. Generally I've either bought something myself or I'm managing just fine without it. So when something like that comes along, I just send him the link.


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