Sunday, April 7

The Sewing Room of Shame

Quick Sunday night post of what's going on...
  • I sewed!
  • I took pictures
  • Taking pictures made me realize how much shopping I've done lately
  • I tidied my sewing room
  • No, it's not clean, but see the first point, it's good enough for now
  • House concert tomorrow night - Terry Penney from Newfoundland
  • Again, way too much on my plate at work
  • I think I'll be a wreck by tomorrow night getting through the work and concert
  • I could use another 3 day weekend
  • Mr. Lina and I went on another hike on Saturday
  • Our Dungeons & Dragons campaign wrapped up today
  • The campaign was from a magazine, it was designed to be 52 weeks of fun
  • We started in 2006, clearly we like to stretch our fun out
  • I will miss Nixi, she was a fun little sorceress to play
So I know people complain about their sewing room being messy, and not to say that it isn't, but I'm pretty sure mine was worse.  Would you want to sew looking at this from the door?

Taking a step into the room doesn't help.

And then if you do step over to where the sewing machine is and look back towards the door, well... that cutting mat isn't actually on a firm surface, just boxes of stuff.  The red fabric on top is Tiramisu, purple dress hanging up is where my silk noil dress paused.

I can't say it looks good now, but it's better.  There is floor space around the table, the cutting mat went back onto the table.  The purchases found home, the lace went back into the appropriate shoe boxes.  The aloe gel from Mexico found a home in the bathroom.  Mr. Lina's pants for curling that are on the back of my chair were fixed (yes, more sewing, and hand sewing at that) and returned to him.

I have a lot of UFO's but rather than trying to figure out where I was with them, I thought I'd do something quick and easy.  The machine had red thread for the Tira dress, I have red wide lace.  So I made lace cheeky underwear.  You'll forgive me for not modelling them myself. 

I am not overly pleased with these today.  I did try to pay attention to the pattern on the lace but I seemed to have matched the mirror image so both front and back are slightly off.  The lace itself also disappoints me.  I did make them a little big which I was initially fine with, but over the day it hasn't recovered, just continued to stretch out.  So what was a little loose in the morning is downright saggy now.  Not so sexy.

Off to bed for me so I survive tomorrow.  I do have purchases to share, it's going to be quite the shopaholic confessional when I find the time.


  1. Finally, someone else with a truly messy sewing room! Other people say theirs are messy, but they cannot compete with me. I think i still win, but at least it's a fair fight. `-)

    1. You made me laugh, I totally agree. I see these "messy" rooms sometimes and think, hmm, mine could look that good... But I do get that to the well organized, OCD kind of person, my clean is their unbearable.


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