Wednesday, April 24

Much Better

Things are feeling a little better today
  • It's all sorted with the clinic. 
    • I will go in for Day 3 ultrasounds & blood work tomorrow at 8am including screening blood work
    • My prescription for Humira is being sent to the pharmacy
    • No time has been wasted, the nurse just wasn't sure what I needed yesterday, essentially if it was the start cycle of the FET or the transfer cycle
    • I talked to her this morning but I was still pretty grumpy and tired and I wasn't sure if she said the dose is tomorrow or I assumed it to be tomorrow. 
    • I emailed to confirm and I got a reply in 15 minutes (Humira does start tomorrow).  There is a serious up side to them using email.
    • Pharmacy has to order in Humira, it won't be ready until 4pm, but they are open until 7pm so I can pick it up on the way home
    • So lunch time I'll pick up the letter from the clinic so it's covered by my drug plan, and then get the prescription on the way home.  The clinic isn't open late enough to do both in one trip.
  • Advil is a wonderful thing.
  • I don't want to work, this is much more interesting to me.
  • Did I mention that Advil is a wonderful thing?  I was not happy waking up to it wearing off overnight.
  • I think my hormones are making me unusually hot, I was melting at work yesterday and bowling.
  • I have mentioned that my bust seems a little fuller and I really should make tops because many wovens won't fit this summer?  I'm wearing one of those summer tops now.
  • I want to rip it off. 
  • It's okay when I'm standing up, but sitting down typing?  It is totally squishing my breasts and riding up and the arm holes are cutting off circulation.
  • I should hang this shirt in the basement to remind myself why I should sew (for myself) and not watch television with Mr. Lina.
  • Perhaps I should buy stock in Advil.  Can you specify stock options for the liquid version?  ;)


  1. I go through WAY too many of those gel caps - especially as I'm getting so many headaches over the past couple of years.

    1. They are wonderful, aren't they? Absolutely my pain releaver of choice unless I'm told specifically otherwise.

  2. I feel like I singlehandedly keep Excedrine in business some days, so I can relate. Glad you're feeling better...ish.

    Definitely make some new shirts, it'll help take your mind off everything else AND expand your wardrobe. :-)

    1. I can see the Almas in my head, now to actually do it!

  3. Did you know that Costco will only let you buy three of the large bottles of ibuprofen? Our friend that lives with us has fibromyalgia and ibuprofen is a food group for her.

    My fingers, toes, knees, ankles, wrists and eyes are crossed for you. If you like I can prepare some burnt offerings too. Seriously, I am saying some prayers for you. I hope so much that everything works out. ♥

    1. Really? A limit of 3? I mean, bulk is the whole reason for going to Costco. How strange.

      I appreciate every single crossed appendage and prayer. Really and truly.


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