Wednesday, November 14


I have a lot of things swirling around at the moment, it's time for a list.
  • I had a new roller coaster dream last night, but on the plus side
    • I did not wake up
    • I did not sleep walk
    • I was not stressed out in the dream
    • We were using the speed of the roller coasters as wind while having my picture taken, weird I know. 
    • Particularly when it became apparent it was kind of a log ride so there was water involved.
  • My mom's cousin's husband had a stroke on Sunday and I came into work to read an email about it.  He means a lot to me so it took a bit to swallow that news.  I get the impression that although they know there will be weeks of therapy, they are still in the midst of testing so not a lot of firm answers at this point.
  • I like dark beers because of him.  I helped him with the statistics for his PhD.  As payment, we would go for a late lunch and we split a pitcher on an empty stomach.  I was usually pretty tipsy before my lunch arrived.
  • Sonohystogram is going to have to be postponed, my period has arrived.  76 day cycle and it picks 4 days before my sono to come to an end.  If it started Monday that would have been perfect, but no, now I have to change it to sometime next week, I think they aim for day 6-11. 
  • Overall though, it's good to have it here, my breasts can return to normal and we'll blame my eye leakiness today on hormones.
  • And if I don't have to go for the sono on Saturday, I can either help Mom with the craft show or help my mom's cousin. 
  • Hospitals take care of sick people, there isn't much I can do outside of visit (and I gather he is tired so visits may be too much just now).  But the immediate family (typically) need help so they can do what the sick person needs.  In this case, their daughter is the same age as me and she is autistic and dependent on them. 
  • So this cousin of mine, let's call her Beth. She's awesome, we have a good bond.  We even have a not so secret pass phrase (which comes in handy when she needs to regulate and settle down).  I've offered some respite time so the wife can do what she needs to do without wondering what mischief the daughter is getting into. 
  •  Beth memorizes movies and quotes them back, using their dialogue for her conversation.  If you watch movies with her, she pulls out props ahead of the dialogue, "You dirty rat" will result in a plastic rat appearing out of a toy box.  It helps to know the movies she has seen recently to get her context.
    • For example, my pass phrase is "Yes, no, I don't know.  If that isn't a true blue miracle, I don't know what one is".
    • Not everyone has a pass phrase and those who do have a phrase of their own.
    • Now the first half is said in a silly sing-song voice with side to side head actions.  If she says that, I have to say the rest, and vice versa.  It's like proof that I am me.
    • The second half is from the 1978 Christmas Eve on Sesame Street special.
  • She also loves my Strawberry Shortcake dolls and is generally trying to manipulate them out of me.
    • Perhaps you could have a garage sale and sell your old toys.  You would tell me when you have a garage sale wouldn't you?
    • Do you play with your dolls, Sera?  No?  Toys need to be played with.  I would play with them.
    • Every single visit to my parents she finds them.  I don't even know where my parents put them last but somehow Beth does.  Then we have to check that they didn't "disappear" into a pocket...
  • I have taken a few more steps with the Burda dress, but last night was bowling so not as much as you would think, the back is joined and it has a zipper.
    • I really did a good job on the invisible zipper part.
    • The spot below the zipper, well, the seam ripper and I got to be good friends. 
  • Stellar Parenting made me leaky.  I love her posts to her daughter.  I must remember the line "You were worth the wait" when I feel impatient.  One day I will feel like that.
Okay, I'm feeling a little more sorted out now.  Thanks for following along.

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