Thursday, November 1

Hi ho, hi ho, it's back to work I go

Our trip to Orlando was great.  I'm not sure when I've walked so much but my ankle was healed enough to be up to the challenge.  I think it helped that there aren't a ton of stairs, just walking at my own pace.   Mr. Lina went a little picture crazy so I'll have a better post soon but I wanted to mention a few things from the trip.
  • Although we never experienced hurricane Sandy directly, she did impact our trip in very minor ways.
  • Like turbulence on the way there.  I was feeling pretty nauseated by the time we landed but there was a little girl in the seat in front of me giggling every time we dipped.  I couldn't wimp out if she was still giggling.
  • The weather was much cooler than I expected.  Forecasts when I was packing said it would be between 20-32C, I think the warmest day was 25C if you were in a sunny spot blocking the wind. 
  • I didn't need to pack my bathing suit.  Long sleeve shirts would have been a better use of luggage space. 
  • I could have put the long bell sleeves on my costume, it was 8C when we were trick or treating at the Magic Kingdom.
  • Going home, our original flight had a stop at Laguardia airport in New York.  You can imagine how that worked out. 
  • Somehow, we ended up with a way better flight.  Direct to Toronto, taking off at 2:15 so we could sleep in a little later and only got home a half hour later than our original flight, in time to hand out treats!
  • There was a pretty good audience for The Post Lifers screening and they were people who got it, laughed in the righ spot, asked a ton of questions during the Q&A after the screening. 
  • This is not a family movie (one of the zombies is a former porn star and while there is no sex in the movie, she sure does talk about it graphically) someone actually asked what the writers mom thought of it. 
  • For the record, she has seen it and she is proud but the writer doesn't like watching the movie with her in the room.
  • They won best short film.
The Freaky Award - 2012 Best Short Film

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