Wednesday, October 10

Dear Anonymous

I am thrilled that you love my blog.  I love having new readers and getting comments just tickles me pink.  It is wonderful to have suddenly gained such a frequent contributor to my blog.  I don't have many people who leave 4 or 6 comments to a single posting.  Those posts must resonate with you.

Sadly, my finger slipped and I deleted quite a few of your comments, but I'd like to address a few of that are still in my spam inbox.
  • I don't believe I need assistance to run solo ads correctly.  I'll have to give your course a pass.
  • I am afraid I will not be helpful in your quest for information on internet dating.  I met Mr. Lina the old fashioned way - drunk at a bar.
  • I am glad you are into talking about girls.  I suppose I do write from a female point of view and generally about women's clothing because I don't sew much for the men in my life.
  • Perhaps you need to visit more blogs as I certainly would not cover your interest in beat making software.
  • You must be a writer.  I understand you have a guide to seduction and must be working on volume two because you are also looking for seduction tips.  I will consider this as a possible future topic, but given that Mr. Lina reads this from time to time, I don't want to tip my hand. 
  • Thank you for the compliments on the information I shared.  I'm not quite sure what it is that you found so valuable but I suspect it did not relate to grammar.  I will try my best to "stay us informed like this".
  • You must have such varied interests.  So often your comments and web site do not seem related at all.
  • No, I do not share your interest in a 21 day sugar detox.
  • Your offer to cross promote and guest post confuses me.  I don't think we cover the same topics as your web site seems to be about heartburn.  I'm flattered, but I really don't know much about heartburn.
  • There is a comment that starts with "It's an amazing paragraph", I'm sorry, what is the amazing paragraph?  I understand it is designed for "all the internet peoples", and perhaps I am considered one of them, but I still don't know what paragraph you are talking about.
Well, Anonymous, I don't know what brought my blog to your attention lately, but thanks for providing so many varied comments. 



  1. Oooohhhh thank you for the giggles! I admit that I go back & forth between allowing Anonymous to post on my blog, because occasionally s/he does have something worthwhile to contribute, and clearly is relating to the post comment. And then they seem to get sidetracked by all the varied interests you list above, and when I realize I've 20 of those, and only 1 where they really did read my content, and I lock my door to them.

    The next time I develop a soft spot and unlock that door, I'll remember your giggles :)

    1. You are quite welcome. I really have not had this as an issue until the past week, I get why people block anonymous posts now as it's getting silly.


Thanks for your comments, I love to have a two way conversation. I seem to be getting a lot of spam from anonymous users and am turning off the ability to comment that way. I really would like to hear from you so if you do want to add your two cents without an OpenId, email me at seraphinalina at gmail dot com.