Friday, February 17


It's a bullet point kinda day
  • In sewing up my Renfrew I realized I was dangerously close to not having any black thread, how can that happen?  Don't I buy black thread every time it's on sale?
  • Naturally, I had to stop at Fabricland on the way home to resolve that.
  • Two more knits found their way to the cutting board
  • Black/purple poly on left, rayon/spandex on right
  • $4/m it was hard to say no
  • Rayon would be pretty good for bowling, more breathable than the 100% polyester
  • It's a nice poly, heavy like the first Renfrew
  • I think I already have the same polyester with teal/bright blue instead of purple
  • Mr. Lina thought the rayon was a very Sera-like print, funny, I thought the purple was more "me"
  • Love how I'm calling it the first Renfrew when really, right now, it's the only Renfrew
  • But in my mind I've already sewn 3 others
  • Lady cutting my fabric gave me an unsolicitation on my Renfrew, she liked the bright colours
  • She also commented that my face looked so young for someone with white hair
  • It was phrased a little nicer than that sounds
  • Really need to cut my hair so I don't pull it back so frequently, most of my whites are at my hairline
  • I haven't cut my hair since September, it's seriously overdue
  • It's a long weekend in Ontario and a few other provinces, Family Day rocks
  • We're hosting Chili Night on Sunday - friends bring chili, we print out ballots, everyone votes
  • People win crap (movies, books, etc) we want out of the house, I like that part
  • Mr. Lina cooks our entry, this is the one hosting event all I have to do is clean.
  • All I have to do is clean, that's not fun at all.
  • Saturday and Monday are free of plans.
  • Well, except work, yes, it's a long weekend, but I have a project due on Wednesday, it needs to be finished and I slacked last Monday (and honestly most of this week), so it's my own fault.
  • TGIF


  1. We had dinner with friends who were randomly in town last night -- yay for seeing friends on Sundays! I like your idea of giving away things, but most of my friends are trying to declutter too -- giving them my stuff would NOT go over well, ha.

    I started going gray in my twenties and have major streaks in my hairline. Right now, it's blonde enough not to be noticeable but my roots are coming in big time. I spend a lot of time ignoring my hair because it's too frustrating trying to cover the gray and deal with the style. I have no idea if it makes me look younger, older or what.

    I like how you know that you'll make more Renfrews -- some patterns are just like that, you know one will not be enough!

    1. Yay for friends & drinking on Sundays! We need more long weekends.

      My first whites started arriving in my mid-twenties I suppose. My mom was dying her hair to cover white when she was 26 so I wasn't all that surprised.

      Second Renfew is cut out, so if I can get my work out of the way, I'll have it done today. If not, then Wednesday. I still have a lot of maps to make.


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