Wednesday, June 5

Let the fun times begin!

As mentioned yesterday, I'm all set for the frozen embryo transfer on Sunday morning.  Now to get my body all prepped and ready to accept (and keep) an embryo or two, I will be taking....
  • Metformin (3 per day), vitamin E, prenatal vitamin, and ASA stay the same
  • Estrace (estrogen) reduces from 3 pills a day to 2 (totalling to 4mg each day)
  • Fragmin (blood thinner) - one injection per day
  • Prednisone - 10mg per day
  • Endometrin (progesterone) - this is an "effervescent tablet" 3 times a day
  • Prometrium (progesterone) - 3 pills at bed time
The bulk of these I'm taking in the morning.  I damn near needed a check list to be sure I got it all, but I'll be okay when it becomes routine. 

The Fragmin needle is quite fine and thus not overly annoying or painful.  But being a blood thinner, it will make me even more likely to bruise.  Injection sites usually become bruises and you can't inject into bruises so belly real estate will become an issue in another week or so.  I can inject into the fat in my thighs but that makes me a little nervous.  Not that I don't have fat there, but there is a whole lot of muscle to avoid too.  We'll cross that bridge when we get there.  At least this is the only injectable medication so I'm not trying to find injection sites for any other drugs at the same time.

I thought Endometrin was a cream, but it clearly says on the box it's an "effervescent tablet".  If you've ever taken yeast infection treatments that were the tablets, it's like that.  We'll see how it goes with a full day, but I can't feel any bubbly action going on with the effervescent tablet and I don't have icky discharge so we'll call it a win for now.  I'm still not thrilled about having to do this at work every day but it's better than some of the places I've done injections I suppose.

And as much as the pharmacy label says I have to insert the prometrium vaginally, the nurse said I can take it orally (which is how I have always taken it before).  Three cheers for that.  The worst part about infertility treatments (more so for women going through IUI or just monitoring for ovulation) is that it takes all the fun out of sex.  We are all sexual creatures and it's an important part of my life.  And not to say that all "happy fun time" is about my vagina, but it's hard to feel sexy when you know that part of your body is icky with medications.

So the one drug I'm feeling less sure about now is Prednisone.  Lots of people have been on it and had some pretty crazy side effects.  Googling indicates 10mg isn't a very high dose so I might be fine.  If I get the insomnia, it might be offset by the Prometrium at bed time because that makes me crazy sleepy.  I can put water weight gain into perspective and try to focus on making good choices rather than what the scale is telling me.  Good choices are that much easier when I've got an embryo hanging out in my uterus.  I'm already on metformin so blood sugar spikes might be offset by that. 

Did you know I have a pattern give away going on?  Really, it's true. 

And I seem to get about 20 minutes to work on Alma and get distracted by Mythbuster kittens.  I think I've got the back darts in the right spot and then I scooped out too much and took a step backwards.  I'll be tackling it again tonight while Mr. Lina has someone over to review the music video footage.  At least he won't call me to see what cute things the kittens are doing.


  1. I have my fingers/eyes/toes crossed that this works for you this time! Well, OK, maybe not my eyes, but definitely everything else!

    1. lol... you made me laugh. Thanks for all the good thoughts.

  2. All crossables crossed for you, Sera!

  3. Is it that time already?? Things really are zipping along. Giving you all my good fertility vibes! (That sounds weird but you know what I mean.) I was on much more Prednisone than that, for what it's worth. I don't think 10 mg is a lot, esp. for a brief period.

    1. Being complimented on your uterus lining is normal, so good fertility vibes are also all good.

      It sneaks up, doesn't it? After weeks of planning and talking about what's coming, all of a sudden I'm taking the crazy drugs and shopping for beverages without caffeine or fake sugars.

      When I read about some people starting at 40 or 60mg, it put my 2 5mg pills into perspective.

  4. I'm still giggling about you dreaming about shuffling candies! Freaking Candy Crush, I know exactly what you mean! Good luck with the implantation and all that, hope that your body and pharmaceuticals will get the mission accomplished!

    1. It's a horribly addictive game.

      I love the thought of "mission accomplished". It sure sounds like a good blog post title.


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