Wednesday, December 7

It's suddenly very warm...

I have decided to take today off of work for a mental health day.  They call them personal days at work because they don't care if it's you, your kid, or your car that is sick, don't lie just take the day.  It's a good policy in my mind.

One of the reasons that I think today is a good day is that stress has moved into my sleep.  When my stress levels get high, I have very vivid dreams that lead to sleep walking short distances and talking in my sleep.  A reoccurring dream the past few years has been that for some reason (this part changes), people will be coming into my bedroom (generally it is actually Mr. Lina coming to bed after me).  This poses a problem because we sleep naked more often than not and I don't want them to see me naked.  So I walk over to my cupboard to find pj's.  I usually wake up at about this point, sometimes the compulsion to wear pj's is too much to ignore even if I'm awake enough to realize what's going on so I just put something on.  Only once have I woken up surprised to see I was wearing pj's. 

Last night I had another variation on this dream.  People were going to be coming to me or looking to find me, not sure which or why, and again I was naked.  In my dream, Mr. Lina was a girl, but I remember thinking that "she" was asleep so as long as I was quiet, she wouldn't see me naked.  I went to the bathroom, peed, put on my house coat and went back to bed.  However my house coat is a fair bit warmer and more cumbersome than most pj's.  I was too hot, I couldn't roll over.  It never crossed my mind that I was being silly to just take the damn thing off, I just kept trying to adjust the blankets to make it work.  Sigh.  More dreams came out of the restless sleeping, but they are slipping away from my memory.  Overall, not a good quality sleep.

So, plans for today are fluid but may include:
-finishing the partially cut Sorbetto
-working on the tea towels (although I started one set, I think I can do better, other fabric is washed but not cut/hemmed)
-laundry - kind of a must, it's like an overflowing volcano of clothing in there
-groceries - again, much needed, out of many things including milk, bread has blue spots, and ingredients for dinner tonight
-tears - but the let it all out good kind, not the "I hope no one stops by my cubicle right now" kind
-de-cluttering - I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed with crap in our bedroom and my sewing room, I'm not good at this so most likely to not happen unless I want to get angry (which again, isn't such a bad thing for a mental health day)
-reading blogs - success!  I've already read a few, and you all made me smile.


  1. Hope you feel better soon! I know the family issue around this new pregnancy is going to be a tough one. Sometimes it's good to just take some time to rest -- I always add trash TV into my list of pick-me-ups because it makes it impossible to focus on anything else.

    I have my most vivid dreams when sick or preoccupied. Also, I don't sleepwalk but when people wake me up in the wrong stage of sleep, I've been known to be about as lucid as someone who is sleepwalking. I clean and declutter when I'm grumpy -- the reasoning there being, I'm already in a bad mood so why not? It tends to help clear my mind and give me an idea of what to do next (clutter literally feels like it chokes off my creativity).

    Be sure and post some pics of Sorbettos soon! Inquiring minds want to see....

  2. You know the day off was good for me. Not the solution, but I woke up a little cheerier.

    My mom used to be lucid like that when my dad would come home from bowling. They would talk about their day, but she wasn't actually awake.

    Absolutely! Pictures of the first Sorbetto exist, they need to come off the good camera.


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