Wednesday, April 9

The Week of Super Aunt Continues

My brother Scot is now a dad.  Under that little hat is a massive amount of blonde hair.

I'm told both baby and mom are doing quite well.  The little guy was born last night so my nephews have birthdays on the 5th and 8th.  I foresee many family birthday parties in early April...


  1. Ha! My kid is April 2. Mother, April 8. Best friend, April 8. Sister, April 8. Other close friend, March 28. I find April very challenging, in truth.

  2. What is it with this week? I can't get over how many friends birthdays are popping up on Facebook. My bowling car pooling friend was excited that she gets to share her birthday with the older of the two boys.

  3. Congrats! I have all nephews. 3 of them. Now they are grown up teenagers. It's so much fun!
    I can't believe how much I LIKE them. You know you love them but to like being around them. It's great!

    1. That's very cool. Teenagers can be hard to connect with at times, that's super-cool that you have a good rapport with them.


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