Tuesday, April 1

Home Sweet Home

Ah what a trip...  5 days or so in York, UK, one night at the Manchester airport, another 5 days in Landshut, Germany.  I think it was about the right length.  I was sad to leave friends but my lungs had enough of their cats.  I had a great time in Germany but by the last night I was happy to know I'd be in my own bed soon.  I was not happy to have the vacation end exactly, but I was happy to be going home.  

The film festival was fantastic.  Again, I can't get over the quality of the films being aired.  I means so much to go to a film festival and enjoy watching almost every single movie.  Think of the last 20 movies you watched, did you actually like them all?  I saw 66 movies between Wednesday and Sunday if I got my count right.  I can think of only a couple that I didn't like, but even then I could find something good about it - maybe the cinematography or the originality of the idea. 

Full theatre for the first screening - Shock Block 6, Body Horror.  Just realized that's my head at the front.

Mr. Lina's film was eligible for two awards - a jury prize and a fan award.  The "Lieblingsschocker" was done by polling the audience for each block of films (there were 7 Shock Blocks) and then on Saturday night they aired all 7 of the best of the block and that audience picked their favourite.  Incredibly, Tasha won their block of "Body Horror".  Going into the finals, it was up against (links are to trailers):
  • The Man Who Could Not Dream (Australia)- narrated by Geoffrey Rush and closing song by Radiohead
  • Fool's Day (U.S.)- made by Cody Blue Snider (the son of Dee Snider from Twisted Sister) with a cast drawn from Law & Order guest spots and Broadway productions, won the audience award.
  • Death of a Shadow (Belgium)- nominated for an Oscar, won the jury prize.
  • Killer Kart (U.S.) - 4 best horror/comedy/short awards
  • Sequence (U.S.) - Winner/nominated for 9 awards at various festivals, I couldn't find a trailer.
  • Good Night (Slovakia)
Honestly, airing with these films is absolutely amazing.  Here we are making films in our own basements and living rooms, using friends for free/cheap labour and competing with Oscar contenders and narrated by Oscar winners.  It's a little surreal.

Mr. Lina (centre) doing Q&A after the Leiblingsschoker screening.

Speaking of surreal...  We went again because it was a good festival that lead to some lasting connections for us and gave us a fun place to go for vacation.  Half of success seems to be who you know and building relationships with other film makers and festival organizers is a good thing.  Still... it's a bit strange on the first day to have a photographer from a magazine recognize us.  Outside of having our picture taken last year, we didn't talk to her.  We also found out from German film makers that we're sometimes listed as an example of how successful the festival has become - people come all the way from Canada!  I think we may have even ended up on local television.  We had to "redo" our greetings to the festival organizer because there weren't cameras playing the first time.  It was rather surreal.

Silliness after too many Shock Blocks!
Anyhoo... I have come home with a horrible cough and head congestion and naturally a bit of jet lag from the 7 hour time difference.  I went to bed a bit past 8pm last night (I tried to wait for the sun to at least set) and pretty much slept through until I heard Mr. Lina in the shower at 7:20 am.  Apparently I was tired.  I was also very happy to be in my own bed.  For some reason, the hotel we stay in pushes two single beds together and provides two single duvets to sleep under.  It's a lovely hotel, we even got a free upgrade because our reservation was missed, but I find the bed & bedding situation a bit strange.  We don't get to cuddle (and we usually fall asleep spooning) without either feeling too hot (if our duvets overlap), too cold (if there is a gap between the duvets) or like I'm falling between the beds.  It's very... strange.

I'll have more updates to come, I have a skirt to blog about!


  1. I'm glad you had a good trip and the film did so well! I hear you on the two twin beds situation. My last year in college the BF and I ended up just using two beds pushed together since we didn't have a way to get a big bed, and it is definitely non-ideal. Can't wait to see your skirt! :)

    1. I think I might have been able to deal with the mattress better if the blankets were at least wide enough to cover both of us. I think the bed was like that in Cuba and while it was definitely less than ideal, at least we were both covered. I couldn't imagine a year like that, a week is enough.

  2. THat is unbelievably cool - you're like the famous Toronto film people! Feel better soon. Those whirlwind trips can be tough on your system.

    1. Given that I don't often seek the spotlight, it's a little odd and yet... so cool.

  3. Hubby and I used to just snuggle up on one twin bed. As long as it's shoved against a wall you're good to go. :-) We have a queen now, but probably only use about the twin size worth of it unless one of us is sick. Sounds like you had a great trip, though I'm not sure I'd be up to watching so many horror movies...I like one every now and again, but I guess I have too overactive of an imagination? Still, it's pretty awesome that you guys held your own against the "big boys", that really says something for the quality of your work. :-)

    1. I had reservations when we moved from a double bed to a queen. I find when we're in a hotel with king beds, I end up waking up because I've rolled over and I don't know where he is and then climbing over half the bed to get up to pee.
      Not all the films were horror, the bulk for sure, but not all. We did go to a few blocks of "regular" films that were a mix of animation, drama, comedy, and experimental films. "Black comedies" were in both the regular blocks and Shock Block, I like them best. Fool's Day falls into Shock Block because the teachers' head explodes and there is fake blood everywhere, but really it's a comedy about what kids will do not to be caught. Death of a Shadow is steam punk with a dark subject matter. But yeah, as you say, it's pretty cool to hold up against the "big boys".


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