Tuesday, August 13


As mentioned, we had the basement and hallways painted.  This required furniture to be moved and while some stuff went to the garage, the rest was moved around the room or into other rooms.  I figured while the furniture was away from the walls, it was a good time to borrow my parents steam cleaner and get to the carpets that haven't been seen in 9 years.  Until last night, there wasn't even a spot in the house where 3 people could sit together that wasn't a bed.

This is a long winded way to say I (we) have a lot of things to move and decide to pack or not pack and I don't really want to do it.

So what is a procrastinator to do? 


And how have I filled my time?
  1. Sorbetto #3 (I think it needs back darts, it's a bit puffy and I need pictures to blog)
  2. Sorbetto #4 (I do have pictures but not with me at the moment)
  3. Toronto Sewing Meet Up on Saturday (and I need pictures to do this justice, short version was that it was a whole lot of fun, so great to meet other bloggers and readers!)
  4. Complete addiction to the game Dominion (seriously awesome card/deck building game, Mr. Lina should not have told me about the on line version)
  5. Sewed up the fabric I bought at King Fabrics into an A line skirt
  6. Wore said skirt to work and lawn bowling (a team event which necessitated light coloured clothing and I have come to realise I don't wear a lot of white)
  7. Walks with Mr. Lina
  8. Massive amounts of dusting as furniture was moved
  9. Sneezed.  I know this is odd to include in a list of things I've done, but I'm sneezing a lot, clearly ragweed season is starting.
I think to get anything done I have to think of something else that I want to do even less. 

I am seriously happy with my white skirt.  Believe you me, I'll be posting about it because there are things that I like about it that make Mr. Lina's eyes glaze over.  I am very pleased by the construction and I find myself thinking about another one and the changes I'd make and what fabric I have in my stash that would work better.  I've already trimmed down the pattern pieces where I think it needed tweaking.  It's just calling my name to try that tweak out.

This is more of a note to myself but... I seem to have a new sleep issue.  Not only am I now an occasional sleep walker and talker (which I haven't done in a while now), but we can add humming to the list.  Twice this week I've woken up Mr. Lina.  Although he tells me the second time it was a ghost humming the tuneless song of its people from my side of the bed.  I appreciate he tried to make it funny.  Googling tells me it's not an issue to my health, but I don't like that it's waking Mr. Lina up.

You know what I'm not?  Sad.  At all. 

Friday night we went to see some very good friends.  On the drive there (about 45 min) I was telling Mr. Lina about some fanstasic Excel-fu I unleashed at work that day.  He doesn't use Excel so most of this was going way over his head and I knew it, but I had to share my pride in making it work.    And then he said it was good to see "Chatty Sera" back again.  I'm a talkative person, to the point when I'm quiet, he worries and is quick to assume I'm angry.  I've been quiet a lot the past few years.  From my perspective, I simply did not have much to say, certainly nothing that was exciting to bubble out of me.  He sees the change.

On Friday morning we met with our fertility doctor for our review of the last FET.  I figured it would at the very least give us closure with the clinic.  I have mentioned that our doctor takes my losses personally, like he should be able to "fix" this problem and I keep stumping him.  He even offered us an IVF cycle for free if I don't make it to 12 weeks of pregnancy.  And we politely declined.  It's not money making me stop, I don't want to do that again.  I appreciate the offer, but it didn't even feel tempting.  I think that's a good sign that I really am honestly good with this.  I'm on the right path and I know it.

Quite likely, there are children out there right now that are going to call me mom.  This has all been part of the journey that is going to make us the right parents for them.


  1. I'm glad that Chatty Sera is back! Rooting for you in whichever direction you choose to go.

  2. Most definitely there are some very very lucky children that will call you Mom. Definitely.

    For the hay fever try one of these thingys (if you haven't already), I use mine once or twice a day, and I love it. Really helps when you spend time in a dusty area. They work similar to a Neti pot, but I find it works so much better. Let me know if you try it and it helps.


    1. You've mentioned that to me before and I keep meaning to pick one up. I do have a neti pot and it's a good reminder that I should be using it (or finally remember to buy that rinse kit, I do believe you it works better and I suspect it would be easier for my husband). Many years I end up with bronchitis (no idea if I spelt that right) or a sinus infection by October, but saline certainly helps prevent those complications.

    2. I guess I am getting old and repeating myself 8-). I really love mine. Obviously.

      You did spell bronchitis right btw.

  3. I am really glad to see you in good spirits! You will be a wonderful parent one day, one way or another. Its amazing that you are optimistic about it. Very happy for you!


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