Monday, December 17

Crazy Time

The end of year, end of time with one client and the upcoming holidays have made a shade crazy for me.  The few times I am home, I don't really have the umph to do much.  I am taking a sanity break between projects to say hello so you know I'm still alive.
  • I finally finished that blanket for my neice, started in June, born in August, done in December. 
  • I don't think I'm winning any aunt awards with that one.
  • I still have to take pictures of it.
  • I have made headway on Burda 118.
    • I took in a lot more, went down to see what Mr. Lina thought and his first comment was that it looked like a sack.
    • By that time I had stitching in the seam allowance from about 3-4 times of taking it in so I unpicked all of that, put in a clean row of stitching, cut some off and refinished the seam allowance (this stuff frays a lot).
    • Now it looks less sack like but still lacks sleeves.
    • Sleeves have been sewn, but are separate from the dress.
  • We went to socialize with R's parents on Saturday and his sister dropped off her daughter for babysitting.  Last January I gave her a stuffed animal I made and it was well received at the party but you never know if people are just being nice.
    • It seems she won't fall asleep without that particular stuffy, the only one she's named.
    • I felt kind of good about that. 
I don't think it was this specific one, but similar.
Okay, back to work.  On the plus side, I only have to work the 27-28 between December 22 to January 2nd.  This craziness will end.

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