Tuesday, September 10

Time Flies

I know this sounds like a broken record, but I'm not sure where the days  are going.  I haven't been in a great mental state to blog but I didn't realize it was over two weeks.  How strange.

So what's happened in two weeks?
  • We went camping with a mix of friends, my brother and his girlfriend, my cousing and his wife.  Weather was good, I slept enough, Scot and his girlfriend were super cool and did not talk about the pregancy but I did give him a real hug and true congratulations.
  • I went to a wedding in another city on the Saturday of Labour Day weekend, stayed the night, saw friends, it was good
  • It was my birthday on the Monday of Labour Day weekend
  • My SIL has decided that she needs some help being in the first trimester and chasing a 13 month old while my brother is on course work and can't help her
  • So she (and my niece) came home and we surprised my parents with their arrival at my birthday dinner
  • My niece is adorable
  • I was kind of glad when they all went home
  • Do you know how much cleaning we had to do to have a toddler in the house when the living room looked like the basement threw up crap and furniture all over it?  I'm not kidding, I had a path to the couch when my brother and SIL brought up the idea of her visiting.
  • I wore my white lawn bowling skirt, but I don't have good a picture of me in it, my niece was naturally the cetre of attention.
  • I had some post-birthday blues afterwards, I would have been okay skipping my birthday this year for some reason.
  • We found out our mortgage was up for renewal this year, not next year so we had to rather quickly sort that out.
  • We provided a weekend of respite, my friend from Summerfolk who has Down's Syndrome stayed with us to give his mom a break, she needed it.
  • That went really well. 
  • I started sewing for Mr. Lina.  Not for HIM, but movie stuff.  He needs a yamika/kippah, appliques of naughty reindeer added to a sweater and a crazy costume for one actress before the last weekend of September.
  • I have never even met the actress, I think I'll be "fitting" with elastic.
  • Yamika #1 from this kippah pattern came out a little wonky, poor fabric choice on my part and a little small given that the head it's going on has a full mask, it's bigger than a normal head.  It's a good pattern though, I'm sticking with it for my next attempt.  I think with 6 panels it ends up with a better curve than just 4 panels like most kippah patterns I found online.
  • I went to a TIFF after party which was super cool.  One of my clients was sponsoring a film (The Grand Seduction) and while they didn't have tickets to the movie, they did give me tickets to the party.  So strange going to a party at 9pm on a Sunday.  But we got prettied up and went.
  • And coming up... one last kick at the camping can this weekend, bowling starts tonight, Mr. Lina is getting us storage space to start really moving boxes out of the house, house concert season is starting up (100 Mile House from Alberta on Monday Sept 23, those local, let me know if you're interested in coming), and I need a nap.


  1. Wow! You've been busy. And you are very generous with your time and hospitality. It's nice to hear you. Do schedule some hanging on the sofa time too!
    love your posts, keep them coming.

    1. I do like hosting, entertaining forces me to clean the house from time to time. ;)


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