Tuesday, July 30

Trailer Time

I've mentioned many times before that Mr. Lina makes movies in his spare time. I've had some involvement, occasionally sewing backdrops or props, more frequently feeding cast & crew or production meetings. Well, I have something to share.

The latest film is called Tasha and Friends and is finally done. It's taken a long time to come to this, filming started 11 months ago and Mr. Lina is starting to submit to festivals this week. They have created a T&F facebook page and to celebrate having 100 likes, they have launched the trailer for the film.

The girl who did the voice for Jingles (the pink puppet), wasn't available and given how long they spent getting the film ready, they didn't want to wait to reshedule the voice work for the trailer. So guess who was the only female in the house on the day they DID want to do the voice work?

Yep, that's me as Jingles.

Also, in the trailer you get about 1 second shot of a black pair of panties I made in a rather un-panty like way.

And a brief warning of what to expect, there are very quick cuts to lots of fake blood and latex gore, there is one line of dialogue with swearing. I wouldn't watch this with children around but it's not so bad to be offensive.


  1. "They fucking better." Love it. Nice voice over work.

    1. Boppy's voice actor (and puppeteer) did his ADR ahead of me. It was pretty funny listening to him say that over and over to get the tone right. That's more of his normal voice than Boppy voice, it was hard to transition.

      Thank you for the compliment but I do suspect I will be keeping my day job. ;)

  2. That's so cute... I love Jingles' voice! Well done, and good luck with the film!

    1. The puppets do lend themselves to the word cute. :)


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