Friday, February 14


Happy Valentine's Day!  I really despise the commercialism of Valentine's Day but it sure is nice to recognize people you care about.  Mr. Lina and I have a tradition of picking a culture/location and making a meal together on the theme.  This year we're leveraging my future SIL and having a Venezuelan meal.  We're relying pretty heavily on this Venezuelan food blog, I'll let you know how it goes.  Right now all I can say is that the black beans are soaking.

Did you happen to see the Star Wars fashions at Falling Through Your Clothes?  I think it's pretty awesome, and if you liked that, I have a Valentine or two for you.

Maybe you liked the Luke dress better.

No?  Maybe you like the dark side better, look at the drape on that cape.

Oh but Funnygrrl said she liked C-3P0 best.

Full credit to for these great Photoshop Phriday images.

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