Sunday, October 27

Finished Objects - Sorbetto

I did do a fair bit of sewing late in the summer, but I did not do a good job of getting pictures as proof.  So today I seem to be awake (there has been a lack of sleep the past week) and posting at home where I can draw from all the pictures Mr. Lina took.  He's a much better photographer than I am.

I worked on quite a few of Colette Sorbettos.  It seems when I tweak things it didn't quite make it better, just different.  This one is from rayon.  I made a Sencha blouse from this fabric before and while the colours make me happy, it didn't work well with the buttons/snappers I used.  It really wasn't heavy enough to support them.  Sorbetto is a better match, but I could have given myself a little more room at the high bust area.

This was taking in July, when our hops plant was growing like crazy.  We ended up with enough hops for a full batch of beer, it turned out quite well. 

And the sleeves?  I put the shirt on, pinned where I wanted them to start and stop and the top of my shoulder.  I took those measurements and made a moon sort of shape, but with a straight line where it was going to connect with the arm.  Marking the shoulder point worked well because I did need more coverage to the back than the front but I managed to sew one on the correct way and the other on backwards.  Oops.  I notice it, but it's a matter of millimetres so I don't think it's noticeable to others.

I bought this fabric last summer.  The day I was shopping I was wearing these red capris that I like but struggle to wear.  The fabric really seemed to be the "right red" so I bought it.  In trying to "fix" the arm/high bust tightness, I seem to have gone the other way and if I move the right way you can see a little bra.  Things I like about this... as 100% cotton, it's comfortable but has more structure than the rayon, standing away from me a little which is nice when it's hot.  I was too impatient to finish to go buy new bias tape so I used white (the background is a yellow/cream colour but there is white in it).  I'm not sure that was the best choice.

I like wearing it, but it's still far from perfect.  It generally has enough room in the bust, but looking at pictures from Summerfolk where I'm sitting down, maybe not...

I made a third and I don't have pictures of it, not sure I will.  It's sheer, but in trying to make the arm hole smaller, I went too far.  It's just annoying to wear and I think there is already a thread pull in it.  Pout.

Well, time for me to rustle up some breakfast for us.  I will say it's been fun going through pictures from this summer, it's like feeling sunshine again. 


  1. Very cute tops! I like the prints you chose, and the red really is perfect match for your capris. I miss summer already...

    1. Thanks so much! I miss summer too, it's far too short of a season.


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