Wednesday, March 6

So Much to Share

and so little time...

I need to take more pictures to do a proper post but I'll sum it up in a few bullet points for now.
  • The Toronto meet up was awesome - need to take pictures of my purchases prior to going into more details on that.
  • A week in Mexico was just what I needed.

  • Weather was good, resort was fantastic, friends were great (picture above courtesy of friends who were more organized than us and already put pictures up on Facebook).
  • I really should make a dress similar to that one, Mr. Lina is a fan and I feel quite sexy in it.
  • I don't understand why no one is bringing me margaritas on the rocks, I have my pesos ready for tipping but they don't show up at my desk.
  • My hair goes wavy in Mexico, I miss those curls, it's so much easier to pull my hair up and look pretty, now it just looks boring.
  • My manager quit while I was away, next Thursday is his last day.
  • I will miss him but I understand his choice to move on.
  • You know I don't think I'm good for managers.  Not one of the 6 managers I've had over 7 years still work for my employer.
  • I've come back to more things being put on my plate, not so much work for me to do, but as the person who needs to know what's going on when he's gone.
  • And it's all up in the air as to what's going to be done to fill his role, it won't be me directly (way too much of a sales role for my personality), but it might shift what the department needs from me.
  • And did I mention that I have had to make my own breakfast?  There is no buffet of food waiting for me in the kitchen. 
  • Life after all inclusive resorts is hard.  ;)
Now to switch gears and prep for a house concert Sunday afternoon (GTA bloggers let me know if you're interested) and then packing for Germany!

We get amazing artists through Home Routes.  One of our previous concerts, Annabelle Chvostek, is nominated for a Juno (the Canadian version of the Grammies) for her album Rise.  So very cool.  But, this week it's The Sweet Lowdown from Victoria BC. 


  1. Don't you look gorgeous in that photo! And it was lovely to meet you, C. I'm so jealous of your upcoming Germany trip that I might have to copy you...

  2. Well thank you. It's a dress I'm going to have to clone at some point. And it was fabulous meeting you too. So very cool to read your blog and hear it in your voice. Mr. Lina brought home an assortment of beer from the area we're going to last night. He has an interesting view on the term "research".

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful vacation! I could do with one of those about now...

  4. Juno nominated singer, awesome! Life after all-inclusive resorts is indeed hard, but paradise for the short time is lasts!


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